Using AI to modernize on-site search experience

Modernize eCommerce Search for Smart Shoppers

What will eCommerce search look like in 5 years? Considering we are already seeing traffic that was supposed to arrive in the next few years, it’s prudent that we modernize our eCommerce stores, ASAP.

And what better way to learn, than directly hearing from a retailer working on the ground?

Will the returns make up for my investment?

Watch this on-demand fireside chat with Sanity, a remarkable retailer based out of Australia as we talk with them on their plans for 2021 and how are they planning to modernize their eCommerce search!

What can you learn from this fireside chat?
  • How has Sanity’s eCommerce business grown over the course of 10 years and what have the learnings been?
  • How does Sanity provide an excellent shopping experience online, which perfectly imitates the personalized offline shopping experience?
  • How is Sanity using cutting-edge technology like AI and ML to actively modernize their CX?
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