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Leading eCommerce businesses around the world use Unbxd Search

Customer Logos
Customer Logos

Smart Search, Powerful Merchandising and Deep Analytics

Intelligent product discovery solution for your Magento Store

AI based Smart Search

AI-Powered search which understands the shoppers intent, product propensity and relevancy

Merchandising Workbench

Implement your business rules including promotions, banners, redirects and landing pages with Visual Workbench

Powerful Analytics

Figure out the products which are performing well and the products which are underperforming. Optimize the inventory and boost the gross margin

Audit Shopper experience

Evaluate your current on-site search experience and get a free audit report with suggested improvements

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Audit Shopper Experience

DIY Merchandising

Fine-tune your Merchandizing strategies for higher efficiency and better results


Run targeted campaigns for your customer segments to generate higher revenue.

Customized landing pages for Online Ads & Email

Maximise the ROI of your online ads & email marketing campaigns by curating the navigation experience for users coming from these channels

A/B Test

AB Test campaigns and merchandising strategies to find the winning combination for your business with zero DIY merchandising workbench


Product Discovery suite built for Enterprises

Extensive features to support eCommerce requirements

B2B Search

Optimised SKU Searches, User group based products visibility & pricing and flexible catalog limits

Content Search

Enable shoppers to search for Products, Blogs, Articles, Datasheets, Helpdesk content from the same search box

Multi-language Support

One search engine to support geographically distributed e-commerce stores

Search that understands your shopper

Powerful Search Features Out of the box

AI Generate Synonyms

Give an instant boost to your search quality with a synonym corpus of 1Mn+ words rich library.

Refining Search Results

Allows shoppers to refine the search results to narrow down search results to find the products they intend to purchase.

Configurable Relevance Controls

Fine-tune the search relevance from Unbxd console to create a search experience that works best for your business.

AI Synonyms

Insightful Reporting

Deep-dive into search performance & derive actionable insights

Conversion Funnel

Get a complete view of the customer journey from search sessions to final conversions

Product/Query Level data

Understand the fast-moving trends and shoppers preferences by deep diving into product and query level data

Zero results report

Capture missed opportunities for your business and reduce impact of null searches

Conversion Funnel
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