Maintaining seamless CX across channels

Lenskart: Bridging the gap between offline and online retail

Lenskart is India’s biggest optical retail store chain with over 500+ offline stores catering to 70+ cities in the country. With an annual turnover of over 480cr, Lenskart is one of the biggest and most successful startup stories in recent years.

Lenskart has adopted an omnichannel strategy of sales – unifying the retail store and online shopping experience.

Watch this virtual fireside chat with Lenskart’s Co-founder & Head of Products, Ramneek Khurana and Unbxd’s Founder & CTO, Prashant Kumar as they discuss on how Lenskart manages both it’s retail vertical with finesse.

What are Ramneek and Prashant discussing here?
  • With 500+ retail stores and a sizeable online business, how does Lenskart maintain a seamless customer experience?
  • How Lenskart uses cutting edge AL and ML technologies to boost conversions and increase CLTV by inspiring customer loyalty
  • How Lenskart scaled its business by using brilliant merchandising tools and strategies
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