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Intelligent product discovery solution for your SAP Hybris Store

AI enabled Smart Search

AI-Powered search which understands the shoppers intent, product propensity and relevancy. Leverage powerful entity extraction & classification models to connect shoppers with products they want to buy.

Real-time Personalised Search Results

Personalise the search results in real-time using shoppers interactions during a session to promote products matching their preferences

AI Enabled Smart Search

Audit Shopper experience

Evaluate your current on-site search experience and get a free audit report with suggested improvements

Request For Audit
Audit Shopper Experience

Drag & Drop Merchandizing

Publish merchandizing campaigns confidently using Visual Workbench

Curated pages for Online Ads & Email marketing

Maximize the ROI of your online ads & email marketing campaigns by curating the navigation experience for users coming from these channels

Segmentation & A/B Test

Run targeted campaigns for your customer segments. A/B Test campaigns and merchandising strategies to find the winning combination

Schedule Campaigns

Create merchandising campaigns that begin and end according to a pre-defined schedule

Merchandize at Scale

Manage large number of merchandising campaigns efficiently using visual workbench. Use import functionality to replicate merchandizing rules from other environments

Ads and Marketing

Enterprise Grade Solution

Feature packed solution to meet requirements of all enterprises

  • Highly Available Infrastructure
    Focus on scaling your business. We have the infrastructure - safe, secure, and reliable - to support your growth
  • Out of the box support for 40+ languages
    One search engine to support geographically distributed e-commerce stores
  • Variants & Product Grouping
    Always display the most relevant variation of the product in response to a search query.
  • Customer Groups
    Control the visibility of products and product prices based on customer group assigned to the shopper.

AI that understand your business

Powerful Search Features Out of the box

Catalog Enrichment

Enrich your product with information that resonates well with your shoppers

Ranking Controls

Enhance the ranking of results using business insights to drive higher revenue. Build ranking models using your own catalog parameters & shopper behaviour data.

AI Console

Customize & deploy AI models with confidence using an intuitive & insightful interface

Catalog Enrichment

Actionable Insights & Reports

Have a 360-degree view into the conversion funnel and shoppers behaviour

Conversion Funnel

Get a complete view of the customer journey from search sessions to final conversions

Analyze trends for different Segments

Derive quick insights by comparing the performance over two different periods, filtering the reports for specific segments

Merchandizing Campaign Reports

Track the performance of your merchandising campaigns to derive insights and recalibrate them

Conversion Funnel
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