Make search more relevant using AI for increased and faster conversions

How World of Books converted more shoppers with relevant search experience and merchandising techniques?

About World of Books

World of Books is one of the largest online sellers of used books in the world and the largest in the UK. With 6 mn+ products hosted on the platform, it aims to sell quality used books at competitive prices to customers worldwide. They enable millions of books to go on to be re-read in a new home across 190 countries, which is why they have multiple sites to cater to various parts of the world. The vision of the company is to help people reuse and recycle for less through innovation and technology.

Business Challenges

“There were tens of thousands of searches being made daily by the readers to fetch the book from our extensive catalog – which is around 2.4m items per each storefront. Unfortunately, we were having issues delivering high-quality search results to these customers, and knew that we could do better.”, says David Kyle, Digital Marketing Manager at World of Books.

To fix the issues, World of Books needed a site search solution that deploys custom-built AI-models catering to the needs of an online book store with a vast inventory. That is where Unbxd pitched in.

Read the complete Case Study to know:
  • How World of Books build contextual relevance for their shoppers?
  • How an Autosuggest experience was created showing relevant products and categories along with popular searches – shortening the path to purchase?
  • How World of Books boost their sales through slick and smart merchandising techniques?
  • How they reached a double-digit conversion rate, shot up search impressions, and had more shoppers buying via search?
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