Pivoting to the new age of retail

How to level up your Digital Commerce in 2021?

Consider these facts –
  1. Estimated 27.2% of the entire world population will be shopping online in 2021.
  2. 33%+ of small businesses do not have a website.

This is painful. If you are running a retail business, investing in digital commerce is a no-brainer.

Right Now.

How and where do you begin?

Jason Greenwood is one of the foremost digital commerce experts having led digital transformation for multiple retailers across ANZ.

Watch this video, and take the first step towards revamping your retail business in 2021.

What will Jason be discussing in this video?
  • WHERE TO START – How to foray on the journey of digital transformation for your eCommerce business?
  • WIN A BATTLE – How to take a call in difficult tech decisions and build a robust digital commerce journey for your shoppers?
  • IS IT WORTH IT – How to justify the time, money and effort invested in this digitisation and demonstrate value for the same?
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