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How Purchasing Power continues to improve its customer experience with Unbxd?

Started in the 2000s, Purchasing Power is built on a very unique concept, with them being the leader of the space. Purchasing Power works as employee engagement platforms, which provide custom eCommerce stores for each other client, where the client’s employees can buy products on an installment basis, with the installment amount being deducted from the payroll.

Initially built on SAP Hybris, Purchasing Power had lackluster and dissatisfying results with the native SOLR search solution available with SAP Hybris.

After a thorough analysis and study, Purchasing Power started working with Unbxd and the results have been fantastic –

  • 18.64% increase in conversion rate
  • 11.71% increase in per-visit value

Join Prakash Muthukrishnan, CTO of Purchasing Power as he discusses their journey of revamping their customer experience and boosting conversion rates with Unbxd’s CEO and Founder – Pavan Sondur.

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