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How ibSupply grew revenue by 40% with Unbxd’s Search Platform

About ibSupply is a leading online office and industrial supplier operated by ibMilwaukee.

They are a national manufacturer, supplier, and distributor utilizing innovative technologies to empower a passionate and diverse workforce, many of whom are legally blind or visually impaired.

Business Challenges

With’s fast-expanding catalog, managing site searches internally had become a difficult problem to solve. “It was frustrating to see that consumers were not able to find the products they are looking for,” says Harley Thomas Senior Director of Corporate and Digital Marketing.

Before Unbxd, ibSupply hired an expert to manage the search platform on SOLR. However, continuing to work with SOLR meant a great deal of manual configuration by the fulltime dedicated resource, and months of programming to get any material results. That is where Unbxd came in.

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  • How did ibSupply inspire customer loyalty in B2B commerce?
  • How did ibSupply enhance user experience and conversions by streamlining product discovery?
  • How did ibSupply use slick merchandising to increase revenue?
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