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Delighting customers with stellar product discovery

How ibSupply grew revenue by 40% with Unbxd’s Search Platform is a leading online office and industrial supplier operated by ibMilwaukee. They are a national manufacturer, supplier, and distributor utilizing innovative technologies to empower a passionate and diverse workforce, many of whom are legally blind or visually impaired. With the help of Netcore Unbxd’s AI-powered site search, could understand shopper intent and deliver highly relevant search results.

“I don’t look at Unbxd as just a technology platform. It’s a partnership to develop my business, which ultimately means we’re meeting our customer’s needs better and faster. This partnership helps us focus on our core business.” Harley Thomas, Sr. Director of Corporate & Digital Marketing, ibSupply

The Success Story will cover the following (and more):
  • Improved customer loyalty in B2B commerce
  • Previous solution and its shortcomings
  • Streamlining user experience and conversions through AI-driven product discovery
  • Utilizing effective merchandising strategies to increase revenue
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