Industry average was 60-90 days

How did Jerome’s go LIVE with the site search solution in just 21 days?

About Jerome’s Furniture

Jerome’s Furniture is a furniture retail store based out of San Diego, started in 1954. Jim Navarra – the founder of Jerome’s, emphasized upon better prices and faster service (plus a smile) while offering the countless options for furniture selection since the early days. Their founding principle has been offering the best to every family – best prices, best selection, and best shopping experience. Today Jerome’s has a total of 25 stores and revenues in the hundreds of millions. A lot has changed since the last 66 years but a few things remain as such. The desire to make every customer feel welcomed, and treating customers like their own family

Business Challenges

“There is quite a bit that goes into that decision. Integration with a 3rd party system, keeping up with the UI of the online store while deploying the new solution, understanding what goes on behind the scenes to enable relevance, how the search is personalized, and nailing the product discovery experience makes the entire process cumbersome and challenging. It’s complex but you have to get it right so customers find the best products.” says Scott Perry, Executive Vice President Digital.

To ensure faster integration so that Jerome’s does not loose out on conversions during the setup phase, Unbxd finished the custom deployment of AI-Powered site search solution in just 21 days, as compared to the market standard of 60-90 days.

Read the complete Case Study to know:
  • How Jerome’s built relevance in its search using 50+ AI models like NER and QCP.
  • How Jerome’s increased site search conversions by 39% and increased time spent on the website by 42%.
  • How Jerome’s saved on conversions lost during setup by going live with AI-Powered site search in 21 days.
  • The overall business impact created in terms of search conversions, revenue via site search, and Average Order Value.
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