From product discovery and merchandising to maintaining a seamless CX

How Can Retailers Use AI For Their Brands?

To cater to increased traffic, retailers need to have a stellar product discovery and a smooth as butter customer experience. This needs to be combined with an overall change in brand strategy to ensure customers are served as and how they want to be served.

However for retailers, when you look at scale, this objective becomes insurmountable – requiring high staff hours and resources. Plus, it brings with it the unavoidable scope of human error. This is a point of concern of most retailers across the globe.

AI is how you solve this, at scale, at a lesser expensive cost.

  • Sera Volau: eCommerce Product Manager, Kookai
  • Ryan Chatres: IT Implementation Manager Kookai
  • Surya Ramanathan: Enterprise Sales, UNBXD
  • Natalie Peat: eCommerce Manager Eco Modern Essentials
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