Make search more relevant using AI for increased and faster conversions

How AI Can Shorten Your Path To Purchase & Increase Customer Lifetime Value

At a time when shoppers are increasingly moving online for essential purchases, does your site search enable a truly hassle-free experience? AI-driven improvements to your search function can directly increase your bottom line – leading to higher revenue and happy customers

Join Nishant, Director of Product Management in learning more about the different facets of search, what makes for good customer experience, and what exactly can be done as the first steps to step up your eCommerce website’s on-site conversions.

Watch the webinar to better understand how you can use AI, ML, and NLP to:
  • Build contextual and relevant on-site search so that shoppers can find the products they are more likely to buy
  • Shorten the path to purchase with a hassle-free on-site shopping experience
  • Convert casual shoppers to repeat buyers and increase the lifetime value of each customer
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Know how Unbxd can help you uplift on-site conversions