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From Content to Intent : The Journey for eCommerce Personalization

From delivering the right content to matching up to the intent of the shoppers, Personalization has come a long way in its journey of delighting customers across the purchase journey. It is no more a concept in theory.

eCommerce companies are gung-ho about implementing and deriving results out of personalization. From personally addressed emails to custom landing pages for a unique shopper, shopper-targeted ads and promotions are growing common. 80% of the shoppers are more likely to shop from an eCommerce store that is offering a personalized shopping experience to its shoppers. Personalization is no more hype! It’s here, it’s now and customers want it yesterday. What remains challenging is to make sense of the enormous volume of data, converting it into actionable information, and creating rules and technology to bring Personalization LIVE in action.

What can you learn from this fireside chat?
  • Which investment prioritization paid off in 2021 in terms of increased revenue?
  • How has site search evolved to deliver a more sophisticated shopping experience for your customers?
  • How is AI and personalization being implemented by retailers?
  • How is merchandising being leveraged to deliver greater growth?
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