Quick Start

This page is your guide to everything you need to do to get started with Search on your web store.

Get your Site Key

Once you've created your Unbxd account, you'll get an authentication email confirming your account. Alternatively, you'll also find these keys in Manage > Configure Site > Keys within your Unbxd Console.

There are three types of account keys:

  • Site Key: The unique identifier of a Site. Each site added on your dashboard will have a unique Site key. The site key is not exposed in the URL.
  • API Key: The unique identifier for all API calls made from an account. Unbxd provides only one API Key per site.
  • Secret Key: An additional secure key generated for individual sites. The secret key is used in important request calls such as Product Feed upload. Like the Site Key, the Secret Key is not exposed in the URL. Unbxd provides one Secret Key per site.
Only users with 'Owner' and 'Admin' level access will have access to the Authentication keys.

Manage your Feed

To power search on your site, we need your catalog. To understand your catalog, we need your schema. When we have your catalog, we call it a feed.

Depending on how you'd prefer, you can upload your feed in one of the following three ways:

Set up Analytics

Integrating Unbxd Analytics would be your next step after you upload your Feed.

Unbxd Analytics collects user data across your website. These actionable insights enable us to help you optimize traffic and conversions on your website.

Run Search

Once you've set up analytics on your feed, product discovery is considered set and you're ready to test and go live with our search solution on your website.

Set up Autosuggest

Our Search solution comes bundled with powerful Autosuggest capabilities. Autosuggest helps you understand and cater to your shoppers' needs, while also helping shoppers discover products that fit their intent better. You can setup Autosuggest using either the Self-Serve or the Code Editor.

Manage product discovery

Our Console offers merchandizers and product managers access to view and set up merchandising options, like:

  • Create Campaigns
  • Add Query Rules
  • Configure Search Reports
  • Boost/Sort/Slot/Pin Items
  • Configure Facets
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Configure Relevancy Ranking
  • Manage your Synonym Library