Product Details Page (PDP) API


The PDP API powers the product display pages on your e-commerce site by returning all the product information associated with a product ID. The PDP API also fetches information for one or more than one product ID.

You can either view information for a specific product or a product listing with products linked to different product ids. If there are variants of a product, PDP API will include the variants info in the response.

PDP API Format

To integrate this API, you need to make the following API call to Unbxd servers:<product-id>  

Get product details for a product id
You can get products details of a product by calling the sample API


GET /sites/<sitekey>/products/<product_id>  

Get product details for more than one product
You can get product details of multiple product ids, as passed in the query parameter.


GET /sites/<sitekey>/products?id=<product_id1>,<product_id2>  

Get siblings for a product
You can use the rel feature to find any external relationship for a product. This feature fetches all the related parent products.


GET /sites/<sitekey>/products/<id1>?rel.field=<fieldName>  

While using the rel feature, the variants feature will be disabled.

This returns list of sibling products details of a , using filter field passed as the query parameter.