What is Unbxd Site Search?

When it comes to eCommerce, searching for products should be user-friendly, fast, and efficient.
As more retailers move from brick and mortar outlets to the Web, there is a need for an intuitive search engine that provides relevant results while also enhancing your site's user experience.

This is where Unbxd Site Search can help you.

As a part of a platform-agnostic eCommerce suite of products, Unbxd Site Search enhances the on-site search to deliver fast, relevant and tailored search results to visitors on your eCommerce website.


Advanced features and the ability to customize to your site's business goals make Unbxd Site Search a one-stop solution for your product discovery needs, in just a few clicks.


Customizable autosuggest templates help your visitors find the desired product right from the search bar. This enhances product discovery on your site.


Uni-directional and Bi-directional synonyms allow your site to understand your visitors' natural language. This enhances product discovery on your site.

Faceted Search

Multi-select faceting allows you to improve the user experience by helping your visitors choose what they to see in the search results. This enhances navigation on your site.


Sorting allows your visitors to choose key attributes to see products they are interested in. This enhances navigation on your site.


Built-in spell-check ensures your visitors are able to search for the right products even when their search queries are misspelt. Your mobile visitors will especially love this.


When products have multiple options like color, size, type, etc., variants allow you to display products with all the options in the Product Listing Page. This enhances product discovery on your site.

Taxonomy & Categorization

When there are products within specific sub-categories, Unbxd Site Search helps load the Product Display Page faster and enhances navigation on your site.

Merchandiser Console

Unbxd Site Search provides you with an advanced console that gives you the flexibility to modify relevancy on search and autosuggest.

A/B Test

You can create and test run campaigns to measure performance and take a well-informed data-driven decision for your business.

Marketing Campaign

Unbxd Site Search allows you to create custom campaigns for a specific product/category, a period of time, and device platform. This gives you the power to boost, slot or pin products or brands when visitors use your site.

Integrating Unbxd Site Search

Unbxd Site Search is easy to integrate and can enhance your site's search capabilities in three simple steps:

  1. Upload Catalog
  2. Integrate Analytics
  3. Deploy Unbxd Search APIs
Upload Catalog

Before you can integrate the JS using AJAX, you need to ensure your product catalog is uploaded, updated and available and we are able to track critical visitor events on your webpage.

Step 1

The first step would be to understand the key attributes, page layout, design elements, and features that you will want to be included within your search page.

Step 2

To understand your product categories better, you need to upload your product catalog, also known as the feed file.
There are three ways we can do this:

  • You can upload your updated product catalog to our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server. For more information on how you can upload your product catalog to our SFTP, refer to the topic titled Uploading Product Catalog.
  • You can deploy our API to your product catalog. For more information on how you can deploy our API, refer to the topic titled Integrating APIs to Product Catalog.
  • You can provide us with secure access to your product catalog on your database. For more information on how you can provide us with secure access, refer to the topic titled Implementing secure access to Product Catalog.
Step 3

To customize the content you display on your search result pages, we need to gather and understand user behaviour on your web page. To gather this information, we analyze visitor events, like:

  • Search Hits
  • Product Clicks
  • Add to Carts
  • Successful Orders

We do this when you integrate our Search JS snippet on your web pages. For more information on our JS snippet, refer to the topic titled Deploying Analytics.

Step 4

Our team will help your developers validate our Analytics tool within your web page. This will help us track visitor events and solve any cold start issues when generating reports within the Unbxd Console. To know more about all the events we track, refer to the topic titled Visitor Events.

Step 5

We need to confirm if the Search Relevancy is configured correctly.
We do this by:

  • Configuring the Search Relevancy within your web page.
  • Confirming the key attributes are included.

Last but not least, our team will run tests to validate search relevancy settings for Top Search queries based on search configurations.

Integrate Analytics

To track important visitor events on your site, integrate the Unbxd Analytics tool.
For more information on how you can integrate our Analytics tool, refer to Analytics.

Deploy Search APIs

To complete integration, deploy the Unbxd Search APIs to your webpage and mobile apps.
Depending on your platform, you can choose to deploy using our:

  • REST APIs: Use our platform-agnostic APIs, which respond in JSON or XML formats.
  • SDKs: Unbxd also provides SDKs for Java, PHP, Android, and iOS.
  • Plugins: Unbxd has plugins for platforms such as Magento, Miva, Shopify, BigCommerce, and NetSuite.

For more information on how you can deploy our APIs, refer to Deploying APIs.

For more help integrating the Unbxd Site Search, write to us at