Unbxd Recommendations - BigCommerce

The Unbxd Recommendations app for BigCommerce offers personalized recommendations to visitors based on their activities on your online store which are tracked and analyzed. This app is tailored to integrate seamlessly with your Bigcommerce store.

In this section, you will learn how to install and configure the Unbxd Recommendations app in your store.

The Unbxd extension does not change or modify the design of your ecommerce application in any manner.


Before you start installing the app, ensure that you have an Unbxd Recommendations account. If do not have an account yet, you can sign up with Unbxd Recommendations here.


The Unbxd Recommendations app is readily available in the Bigcommerce app store. Follow the below steps to install the app.


  1. On the Bigcommerce App store go to Unbxd Recommendations app page.
  2. Click Get and then click Install App to start the installation.

Once you have initiated the installation, Unbxd automatically does these following:

  • Prompts you to register if not already registered.
  • Syncs up with your site.
  • Gathers your catalog data (or Product Feed) to its server.
To use Unbxd Recommendation app in all your online stores on BigCommerce, you need to manually install the app on each store.

Once the installation process is completed, you will be redirected to your the Unbxd Recommendations console and the Unbxd Recommendations app will appear on the installed apps section in your Bigcommerce dashboard.

Product Feed Sync

Once the app is correctly installed, it automatically gathers the product catalog data from your Bigcommerce store. So there is no need to upload or sync your catalog data separately.

Unbxd Analytics Integration

Integrating Unbxd Analytics will be your next step. Integrating Unbxd Analytics is important for:

  • the Recommendation algorithm to understand the browsing behavior of visitors on your store in order to showcase relevant and personalized recommendations.
  • generating reports on the Recommendations console to provide insights on performances of each widgets.

Learn more about Unbxd Analytics.

To integrate analytics, you would need to add a code snippet in the HTMLhead.html file found in the Panels section of your store's CSS templates. To locate the HTMLhead.html file, do the following:

  1. On your store's Admin panel, click Design.

  2. In the Themes section, click Edit HTML/CSS.

  3. On the new tab, locate the HTMLhead.html file in the Panels in template section.

Paste the entire snippet in the HTMLhead.html. Ensure that the snippet is inserted below the tag.

Analytics Code Snippet

    <script type="text/javascript">
             var UnbxdSiteName = "<YOUR SITE NAME>";
             var UnbxdApiKey = "<YOUR API KEY>";
  • var UnbxdSiteName: specifies your Site Key.
  • var UnbxdApiKey: specifies your API Key

Widget Integration

To integrate the recommendation widgets, a code snippet for each widget needs to be inserted on respective .liquid pages. The code snippets will enable the Unbxd recommendation engine to render widgets on their respective store properties.

The table below shows the HTML code snippets that needs to be pasted on the various templates for each widget type.

It is highly recommended to not integrate the Viewed also Viewed and Bought also Bought widget together on the same PDP (Product Detail Page) as it would prevent the widgets from showing duplicate products. This scenario may arise right after integrating the widgets due to the lack of site data.

Recommendation widgetCode snippetTemplate fileEstimated Latency
Recently Viewed <div id="unbxd_recently_viewed"></div>index.html Requires few product views.
Recommended For You <div id="unbxd_recommended_for_you"></div>index.htmlRequires few product views.
More Like These<div id="unbxd_more_like_these"></div>product.htmlImmediate
Viewed also Viewed <div id="unbxd_also_viewed"></div>product.htmlRequires data collection, i.e. clickstream data.
Bought also Bought <div id="unbxd_also_bought"></div>product.htmlRequires data collection, i.e. clickstream data.
Cart Recommendations/td><div id="unbxd_cart_recommendations"></div>cart.htmlImmediate and requires data collection.
Homepage Top Sellers<div id="unbxd_top_sellers"></div>index.htmlRequires few product orders.
Category Top Sellers <div id="unbxd_category_top_sellers"></div>collection.htmlRequires few product orders.
Brand Top Sellers <div id="unbxd_brand_top_sellers"></div>product.htmlRequires few product orders.
Product Detail Page Top Sellers <div id="unbxd_pdp_top_sellers"></div>product.htmlRequires few product orders.
Complete the Look <div id="unbxd_complete_the_look"></div>product.htmlNeeds to be configured on the console.

Once you have successfully inserted the code snippets, the widgets will start generating recommendations as soon as they obtain the required information from your website.


The estimated time to display the recommendations might vary depending on the size of the catalog, traffic on your online store and a few other factors. Most of the widgets will start displaying relevant recommendations a week after installation.