What is Unbxd Site Search?

Unbxd Site Search is an eCommerce search platform that enhances your on-site search to deliver fast, relevant, and tailored search results to visitors on your website.

Unbxd Site Search is platform-agnostic which makes it incredibly versatile and easily implementable.

Need for Site Search

When it comes to eCommerce, on-site search should be fast, efficient, and easy-to-use.

The increasing shift from traditional shops to online marketplaces stresses on the demand for an intuitive search engine that provides best search experience to visitors.

All the advanced features and customizability options makes Unbxd Site Search a one-stop solution for all your product discovery needs.


Unbxd Site Search has a rich feature-set that aims to significantly cut down the product discovery time to just few clicks. Few key features are:


Help your visitors find their desired products quickly right from the search bar. Autosuggest templates are optimized for your website.

Faceted Search

Enhance your navigation and help your visitors narrow down on the products they are looking for on the search results page. Unbxd Site Search comes with a multi-select faceting option that aims to improve searching experience on the site.


Help your visitors sort on key attributes and quickly narrow down on products of their interest.


Help ensure your visitors' experience on the site is not ruined by common typos. Your mobile visitors will love it.

Unbxd Site Search comes with a big list of features, all designed to provide the flexibility of enhancing visitor's search experience.

Comprehensive Workbench

Unbxd Site Search provides you an advanced console which gives you useful controls even the flexibility to modify relevancy.


Integrating Unbxd Site Search in your site is a 3-step process. They are:

1. Catalog Upload

The first and most critical step is to upload your catalog in a specific format and ensure that it is kept in sync.

2. Analytics Integration

The next step would be to help track important visitor events on your site, such as product clicks, product add-to-carts, orders etc. using our Analytics tool.

3. Unbxd Site Search Integration

The last step is to implement the search on your website and mobile applications. Depending on your platform, you can choose to integrated using our:

  • RESTful APIs: Use our platform-agnostic APIs which responds in JSON or XML formats.
  • SDKs: Unbxd also provides SDKs for Java, PHP, Android, and iOS.
  • Plugins: Unbxd has plugins for platforms such as Magento, Miva, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Netsuite.

Have not started integrating Unbxd Site Search yet? Feel free to get in touch with us at for any help during integration.