Unbxd Recommendations


Unbxd Recommendations is a set of tailored widgets that showcase personalised product suggestions to visitors on every page of your online ecommerce store. The widgets are easy to configure and provides a smart way of exposing your inventory to the visitors in a smart way.

How it Works!

The recommendation engine runs on a collaborative filtering algorithm and is powered by an on-board analytics engine that constantly tracks and records visitor events on your store such as clicks, cart additions, orders, etc. Learn more about visitor events. The captured event information is used to build profiles that help our search engine to fetch relevant products for each widget.

Location-based Recommendations

Recommendations are curated based on the geographic location of the visitor which enables you to cater visitors from around the globe. For instance, "Homepage Top Sellers" widget will recommend "Womens Faux Fur Lined Parka Coats Winter Hooded Jacket" to a visitor in New York, USA and "Women Sleeveless Camisole Crop Tops" to another in Cannes, France at the same time.

A Widget for Every Page

Unbxd Recommendations offers a wide-range of widgets for every page of your store for example, the “More Like This” widget can be placed on the product detail page, whereas the “Recommended for You” and “Recently Viewed” widget can be placed almost anywhere on the store. An intuitive console lets you to configure the widgets and provides options to merchandise through them. It also offers custom widget templates for beginners.

Importance of Recommendations

  • Personalised recommendations urge customers to engage with products thereby reducing the bounce rate.

  • Conversions through product recommendations are 3 to 5 times higher than the average site-wide conversion.

  • Guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment).

How to Integrate?

Unbxd Recommendation is platform agnostic which means it can be seamlessly implemented on your store irrespective of the platform your on, custom or hosted. Integrating Unbxd Recommendations involves:

  1. Uploading your Product Feed.
  2. Integrating Unbxd Analytics.
  3. Integrating Unbxd Recommendations.

Once you have successfully finished integrating, the widgets will start displaying recommendations instantly. Some widgets like the, "Recently Viewed", "Top Sellers", etc. require overall store information to curate relevant recommendations and might take longer to display recommendations.

We have APIs for every widget that are easy to configure and implement on your store. We also have developed SDKs for some common programming languages that will help you do the same. If your site is built on a third-party software, check out the platforms we support in the platforms section. For beginners, we suggest you to integrate widgets using the Template Editor on the console.