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 Source: The analysis is done over a period of
Apr-May-June 2020


Burdened by how the Magento’s native site search misguided customers for the simplest of queries, Deborah Lippmann knew it was time for a change to make sure their customers were able to discover products effortlessly. They also wanted to offer customers a personalized experience to ensure higher conversions and cross-sell.

  • Displaying relevant results for simple as well as complex queries: The search experience on was unsatisfactory with irrelevant/zero results being shown for both simple, as well as long tail queries.
  • An error tolerant search experience: With the high number of queries leading to zero results, wanted to offer a flawless search experience to visitors, while reducing instances of zero result
  • No personalization to maximize the shopping experience of customers: Deborah Lippmann wanted to give each of their customers a unique shopping experience. However, the site was not mobile-optimized, with the lack of a personalized product discovery experience for visitors, or targeted merchandising on category pages.


To counter all their site search challenges, Deborah Lippmann chose Unbxd’s product discovery platform. Unbxd’s offering to Deborah Lippmann included:

Customized Autocomplete:

With Unbxd’s customized autocomplete option, was able to implement predictive & advanced autocomplete that would help customers construct search queries and lead them to relevant & trending products.

Highly Relevant Site Search:

With Magento’s native Site Search, visitors to the Deborah Lippmann site were constantly experiencing irrelevant results. Unbxd’s hyper relevant search facilitated the understanding of the visitor’s
intent to deliver relevant results for all types of search queries. This included:

  • Long Tail Queries
  • Queries by Color
  • Thematic Search (Understanding customer speak)category pages.

Advanced Error Tolerance: noticed that their customers were getting frustrated with how easily their searches were being misinterpreted, due to spelling errors and typos.

With Unbxd’s advanced spell check was able to show relevant results for even the most mangled spelling errors.


Personalized Recommendations:

Unbxd’s intelligent recommendation engine allowed to track visitor interactions with product views, searches, cart additions and purchases to build a unique profile for every visitor. Unbxd incorporated personalized recommendations to facilitate 1:1 personalization, with the ability to provide:

  • Up-Sell Recommendations (Similar Products)
  • Cross-Sell Recommendations (Complementary Products)

Merchandising Dashboard:

Unbxd’s powerful merchandising dashboard allowed Deborah Lippmann to apply business rules like creating occasion based landing pages, and creating merchandising banners that conformed to their business goals. With the Unbxd Merchandising Dashboard, was equipped with the right tools to:

  • Drive higher Customer engagement
    and conversion levels
  • Increase Search click- through rates
  • Automate their merchandising
search quries

Business Benefits:

  • Autosuggest ensured that users started finding more relevant products
  • Color-based search is an essential feature for Using Unbxd synonyms feature, they were able to define color families with bi-directional & uni-directional synonyms
  • More relevant search results, that resulted in better click-throughs & conversion ratemerchandising on category pages.
  • Spell-check ensured that the relevant search results were shown even with mistyped words
  • Unbxd’s merchandising dashboard allowed products to be promoted based on seasons and occassions withminimal effort.
  • Easy to use dashboard allowed merchandisers to configure rules without any dependency on the IT Team
  • Personalised recommendations for users on the site resulted in more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


Unbxd Inc, is an eCommerce personalization & recommendation platform that provides search, navigation, product recommendations, merchandizing and analytics solutions for eCommerce companies. Unbxd’s goal is simple: provide the tools that marketers & merchandisers need to help customers find what they’re looking for.