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AI generated synonyms

Improve search relevance & recall with a corpus of 1Mn+ synonyms

Give an instant boost to your search quality with a synonym corpus of 1Mn+ words rich library. Our AI models are smart enough to apply catalog specific synonyms across 20+ categories. Learn more about how we continuously add synonyms based on user behaviour.

Product feature extraction

Extract relevant product details hidden in product descriptions

Unbxd algorithms scans unstructured data in catalog to extract product attributes relevant to your shoppers with extremely high accuracy.The extracted product attributes allow us to showcase relevant products for long tail search queries with the right balance of precision and recall.

Catalog enrichment

Improve product visibility by enriching data that resonates with your users

Catalog data deficiencies may have a negative impact on the visibility of products which your shoppers want to purchase.Our AI models enrich your catalog to overcome catalog deficiencies and improve visibility of products. Your shoppers can discover products using the vocabulary they are familiar with.
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