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Offer 1:1 personalized browsing experience to each shopper
with AI-based intelligent automation and powerful merchandising controls


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ai based ecommerce search

Personalization and Ranking

ai based ecommerce search

Customer Experience


Merchandising Control

Product Features

AI-Based Relevance

AI and ML algorithms that monitor purchase behavior and
self-optimize to connect shoppers to products that they are most likely to buy.

Product Features

Personalization and Ranking

Tailor the search experience for each shopper by profiling the shoppers in real-time.
Increase customer loyalty and overall customer lifetime value.

1:1 Personalization

Deliver a true 1:1 personalized assortment of products based on visitors’ profiles. Unbxd builds visitor profiles based on 50+ shopper signals including price, category, brand, etc. to offer a unique browsing experience.

ecommerce product recommendation engine

Learning to Rank

Increase conversions and lift Revenue per Visit for your online shoppers. Unbxd’s Learning to Rank model uses reinforcement learning, captured in real-time, to optimize for a higher conversion rate.

personalized browsing experience

Freshness and Diversity

Increase engagement and encourage repeat users on eCommerce site with AI and ML models that highlight the diversity of the products and show new products every time shopper comes and browses through category pages on your website.

Unbxd Product Recommendation System
Unbxd Search Solution

Ranking Insights

Visualize and measure personalization and ranking for complete visibility. With the Unbxd Ranking Insights, you can measure product rankings on a category page, assess the effectiveness of a campaign, and find out why certain products show up in certain positions​

Controls – Custom Ranking

Build your own ranking algorithm with Unbxd to test your site against a suggested ranking, and take complete control of how your shoppers browse through the category pages.

Unbxd Product Recommendation Engine
Product Features

Customer Experience

Offer a differentiated customer experience with 500+ vertical-specific use-cases.
Make your eCommerce store stand out in the crowd.

Automated AI Optimization

Generate an AI-optimized product sort order for all categories and shopper segments automatically. For example, you can set up 2 different campaigns for the same product category, different brands for the shopper arriving at your eCommerce via different channels
ai based ecommerce search
personalized browsing experience

Taxonomy and Sub-categories

Manage navigation menu to promote categories based on popularity, sale, and trends, while hiding categories with out of stock products.


Create product detail pages with one or more products. Show multiple details of a product with rich media and create complete the look or collection pages for faster ordering.

ecommerce product recommendation engine
Product Features

Merchandising Control

Get complete control over merchandising for search.
Receive actionable insights and make informed business decisions.

Campaign Management

Set up and manage multiple promotions, discounts, offers or merchandising campaigns. Run campaigns across various devices and measure results to assess a campaign’s effectiveness in achieving your business goals

Unbxd Product Recommendation System
ai based ecommerce search

Drag and Drop Merchandising

Give your merchandisers a powerful toolkit with which they can boost, rank, slot, pin, and rearrange the product sort order instantly without any IT dependency. All of this can be done from an easy to use single page drag and drop merchandising console.

Segment based Targeting

Segment and target shoppers, no matter whether they’re new or repeat buyers, by using parameters such as geographical location or device type, and by identifying which marketing campaign or the channel brought them to your site.

Unbxd Product Recommendation System
ai based ecommerce search

A/B Testing

Build multiple variants of a category page and test them simultaneously to find the ones that work best for your site. You can test multiple ranking techniques, personalization, and merchandising strategies.


Analytics, that adds an edge to the browsing experience of your shoppers!

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Conversion and Revenue Funnel

Get a complete view of the customer’s journey through an interaction funnel. Visualize customer journeys to optimize for engagement and conversions all from within a single console.


Data Science as-a-Service

Make informed business decisions with actionable insights. Predictive modeling, data mining and deep analysis help you to increase revenue and achieve your other business goals


Custom Reports

Build customized reports in less time and with less effort. Unbxd allows you to create customized reports and metrics that are in accordance with 3rd party tools and business processes.


Go Live within weeks!

Unbxd is a platform-agnostic product discovery solution. It has automated a lot of use-cases to
support various plugins and SDKs to go live faster.

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Available on eCommerce Platforms

Magento, Hybris, Oracle Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Shopify. Visit eCommerce Platforms


Languages Supported

Javascript, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails



Android and iOS SDKs available. Visit API/SDK references

Taxonomy and Feed Builder

Convert feed formats, merge and build new product feeds in minutes!

Unbxd can convert product feeds from any format into the Unbxd format along with merging multiple files from different locations into one standard format without any hassle or manual intervention. 

Technology Platform

Leverage the next generation search stack to scale your business!

Unbxd has implemented a machine learning-based relevance engine that can scale and has contractual SLAs for uptime, peak capacity as well as latency. Make your Site Search robust, resilient and reliable.