14 Aug 2023
Understanding Gen Z’s language: Boosting ecommerce success with Netcore Unbxd
Tanmay Sinha
Tanmay Sinha
Product Expert

It makes sense for any retailer to seek the largest possible audience to maximize their profits.

Despite the large number of Millennials in the consumer market today, the influence of Gen Z continues to grow. Recent studies show these young professionals have 143 billion dollars in the US alone.

And this number is going to increase.

Gen Z’s ascent as a dominant consumer group in the ecommerce industry accompanies a growing trend of instant gratification and impulse purchases. With easy access to online shopping platforms and one-click ordering, Gen Z’s buying behavior has significant implications for product discovery.

In this blog, we will delve into the impact of Gen Z’s purchasing behavior on the product discovery journey, the potential drawbacks of instant gratification, and how a product discovery platform can balance quick purchases and well-informed decision-making.

It is important to note that universal product discovery strategies, from Gen Z to Millennials, will only work for some. Each generation has a unique purchasing style influenced by shared experiences. So as a retailer, it’s crucial to consider these differences to provide relevant recommendations and ensure that products are easily discoverable.

Does your search engine understand Gen Z language?

Even the search giant Google had to update their search engine to understand the Gen Z language. Unlike the older generations, Gen Z relies increasingly on social media handles to conduct searches instead of Google searches. Netcore Unbxd uses Natural Language Processing and intent search enabling you to decode the language and showcase results so that no Gen Z will leave your ecommerce platform due to a bad experience.
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Quick and accurate

The scrolling time a Gen Z will give on your ecommerce platform is 8 secs; that’s it. Swimming through the plethora of options and attention grabbers, your results should draw their attention and keep it long enough for you to make a sale. It will be surprising to know that Gen Z input 60% more long-tail queries (LTQ) than any other shopper. If you optimize your search engine for handling LTQ and do not return with zero fallbacks, you can retain a significant portion of the market. While an average person's searches have four words, Gen Z searches often include five or more. Netcore Unbxd Intent search will ensure accurate results for all long and short-tail queries without taking the precious time of shoppers.

Innovative and high-tech

Unlike the previous generations, these consumers are digital natives who have grown up with digital advancement. They are always in search of new and innovative solutions. Giving Gen Z tools to cater to their impulse purchasing will do wonders for your A.O.V. Netcore Unbxd’s Visual search will give your search engine the power to click and search the ecommerce platforms on the go. These are essential considerations for ecommerce and retail businesses. Two-way communication using conversational A.I. is a great way to engage Gen Z on a 1-on-1 basis fully.

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Know your audience

Understanding Gen Z’s preferences is pivotal for business success while overlooking them could spell downfall. Netcore Unbxd provides a solution that takes businesses out of the guessing game.

By utilizing an intuitive Merchandising platform, you can understand which marketing strategies are effective for your business. You will have access to an in-built review system and performance tracker, which will update you in real-time with first-hand insights about the products performing better than others. You can use that to re-arrange your catalog for maximum impact.

But wait, there’s more.

Merchandising solutions provide the flexibility you need, allowing you to experiment with various product placements. With customizable and tailored A/B testing, you play around with Boost, Pin, Sort, and Filter options to discover what truly works for your business.

In today’s competitive landscape, it is essential that you understand your Gen Z audience and that you leverage merchandising tools to achieve success.

Personalized product recommendation

Gen Z only shares loyalties towards a brand like Millennials if they resonate with its values. One way to build loyalty is through personalized recommendations and shopping experiences. But the question is, how do you personalize for a generation that has a constant influx of information and distractions? However, instead of perceiving this as a hurdle, it can be seen as an opportunity to revolutionize how we personalize content for this generation.

For Gen Z shoppers, essential information must be readily accessible, each touch point optimized throughout the buying process, and personalized messages should grab their attention. With Netcore Unbxd Personalized Recommendation algorithm, you will have a faster go-to-market engine for your ecommerce store.

The retail landscape and generational preferences cannot conform to a fixed parameter; it keeps changing, and while differences are apparent, similarities do appear. Netcore Unbxd will help you strike a perfect balance and get your revenue to a new level.