13 Jul 2023
Being AI-first: Behind the scenes of Unbxd's AI-infused ecommerce product discovery
Aishwarya Raman
Aishwarya Raman
Product Expert

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept of the future—it's here, and it's reshaping industries, including ecommerce, at an unprecedented pace. The change is not just minor; it's a monumental transformation that's altering the methods in which ecommerce businesses operate.

Global ecommerce

Impact of AI in ecommerce

These numbers aren't just impressive—they're indicative of a trend that's only going to accelerate. We must ask, are we prepared to deal with the complexities of AI in ecommerce? And what does this mean for us, and how is it changing how we shop online?


Enter Unbxd. We take an AI-first approach and deliver advanced ecommerce solutions, enhancing product discovery and personalizing shopping experiences.

Great products come from the fusion of great minds and technology. With AI, we’re breathing new life into ecommerce.

Let’s explore a few of the many AI-first things Unbxd is great at.

Deciphering natural language with smart search bars

Deciphering NLanguage

Shopping confidence increases greatly when a brand understands a customer's requirements and intent - especially when the query articulation isn't perfect. By interpreting natural language for ecommerce searches, we delve deeper into intent, deliver the most relevant and accurate results.

It's about understanding your shoppers’ needs for casual summer shoes and curating a selection of sandals, espadrilles, and lightweight sneakers that perfectly fit that description. Without it, your shoppers might be browsing through formal shoes or unrelated products – not an ideal scenario, right?

Impact of semanctic search

Semantic search's impact? It's more than substantial. We're talking about a groundbreaking shift towards contextual relevance, a surge in search conversion rates, a reduction in zero-result pages, and a significant decrease in exit rates. It's about transforming your website into a dialogue, interpreting the user's intention, and providing exactly what they need.

Together, let's shape the future of smart interactions by integrating customer intent with Natural Language Processing and Query Understanding.

We personalize and how!

At Unbxd, we redefine personalization. Our engine is a fusion of art and science, harnessing the raw power of data to turn every user interaction into a tailored experience. By leveraging a broad range of information such as demographics, user data, seasonality, catalog, and clickstream data, we deliver unprecedentedly relevant content and product recommendations to each individual who visits your website.

Everything from the user's device and location to their browser details, search queries, and product attributes are meticulously factored. This allows us to create an experience that is not only unique but also significantly more personal and engaging.

But what truly sets Unbxd Personalization apart is our groundbreaking Deep Learning Engine. This isn't just technology — it's a revolution. It enables automated product feature/style detection, precise user profiling and segmentation, deep user context understanding, and real-time event integration for in-session personalization.

Whether it's a loyal user returning for the umpteenth time or a new visitor exploring your website for the first time, Unbxd Personalization dynamically adapts. What we're offering here is not just a personalized experience but a transformative one.

Unlocking precision in retail with AI-powered smart Measurement Search


In retail, 40% of products contain numerical values such as currency, date, size, time, weight, pressure, and storage. However, 75% of the time, search results primarily showcase anchor text. AI-powered Smart Measurement Search is the answer.

Imagine a customer in search of a particular electronics item - let’s take "500GB Samsung SSD" as an example. In the absence of Measurement Search, the system could likely miss the essential "500GB" storage specification and consequently display a generic assortment of Samsung products in the search results. However, Measurement Search, empowered by artificial intelligence, accurately discerns and prioritizes the storage detail. This results in the search exclusively returning 500GB Samsung SSDs, culminating in a vastly more streamlined and gratifying search experience for the shopper.

Here’s another query example and how Unbxd can break it down:

At Bajaj Mall, we've seen firsthand how Measurement Search can transform this scenario. By cleverly identifying these diverse attributes within alphanumeric queries, we've reshaped the consumer search experience. In fact, we’ve increased their conversions by 27% and their per-search revenue by 9.15%

Vector Search: Redefining shopping experiences


Businesses are experiencing limitations with their current search capabilities (e.g., inability to handle long-tail queries, language limitations, and understanding user intent accurately) because tech is also developing fast, and the competitors are also on the rise.

Give your shoppers an experience they want to come back to. Our proficiency in managing specialized queries sets us apart from our competitors. For Niche Category Queries, like "eco-friendly leather backpacks," Vector Search identifies the particularity across multiple dimensions and renders precise results. Moreover, it effectively deals with Multi-Intent Queries, such as "gifts for men," by discerning the array of intentions, ranging from fashion to gadgets, and tailoring results accordingly.

Netcore Unbxd integrates Vector Models with Natural Language Processing in a Neural Network to profoundly enhance search capabilities. This fusion not only grasps user intent and contextual relevance but also supports multi-language queries, optimizing the customer experience and conversion rates.

Vector Search technology works just as well with image recognition, allowing users to upload images as queries and retrieve visually similar products. Netcore Unbxd signifies a groundbreaking enhancement in search functionalities by marrying precision with versatility in handling an extensive array of queries.

Unlocking product excellence with Unbxd PIM’s AI tools


Ensuring an intuitive search experience for your customers is a significant step, yet it's just the start. A holistic approach that includes relevant product information, accurate imagery, and a smooth purchasing journey is essential to reduce returns and boost conversions.

Recognizing this need, Unbxd PIM provides an AI-powered Product Information Management (PIM) platform. It offers users advanced capabilities, such as efficient data onboarding from various sources in diverse formats. As a result, PIM simplifies the process of storing and enriching product data within a centralized repository, creating a Single Source of Truth (SSoT).

Beyond data management, the PIM platform also empowers retailers to quickly craft, modify, and distribute digital catalogs to various sales destinations and marketplaces. This is enabled by its extensive network of 75+ marketplace connectors.

In addition, the platform's evolution continues with the recent integration of 25+ AI enrichment apps in the PIM App Store. Popular tools like Image-to-Text Extraction, Descriptions Generator, and Google SEO Meta Tags Store extensively leverage Generative AI technology. These next-gen enrichment apps accelerate your marketing efforts and significantly enhance their effectiveness.

Wrapping up

To quote the legendary Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

The landscape of ecommerce is undergoing a profound shift, with AI at the helm steering the course. Unbxd emerges as the compass guiding retailers through this uncharted territory, blending AI-driven innovation with pragmatic applications.

Our smart search bars decode the unsaid, personalization engines tailor experiences to the finest detail, and AI-powered smart measurement search fine-tunes precision in retail.

With Unbxd's suite of AI-infused tools, ecommerce businesses can not only stay afloat in the tide of change but sail with the winds of progress. The AI revolution is here, and it's reshaping the contours of online retail – Unbxd offers the keys to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities.

Partner with us, and let’s embark on a transformative journey, redefining the essence of product discovery and online shopping experiences for the modern consumer.

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