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Weekend E-Commerce Reading: Digital Wallets, FB Gifts and more

comScore Data Mine: Fast Money: When Wallets Go Digital In India, we’re not too far behind the curve compared to US and this is reflecting in developments like showrooming and payments. I dont think a lot of online shopping in India gets done on mobiles but that will be just a matter of time. With payment features such as a digital wallet, I wonder whether the comfort level among Indian buyers has increased to the point where they’ll simply hand over cash in their digital wallet to e-commerce players till a future purchase. If they have, then it is a good sign for the industry in general and definitely a comforting signal for e-commerce cash flows. TechCrunch: Zuck: There’s An Opportunity To Bring More Commerce To Facebook; Gifts Is The First Step Facebook’s directional changes are turning out be truly fascinating. With FBX and now Gifts, FB is finally thinking long term monetization through advancements in their ad targeting and in e-commerce. Utilizing nearly unlimited user data is the common thread that runs through both. GetElastic: Conversion Rate Optimization Survey [Infographic] I am not surprised when this infographic says “For every $92 spent on acquiring visitors, only $1 is spent on converting them”. All e-commerce folks ultimately reach that conversion rate upper-bound where revenue can increase only by increasing visitors and consequently, the number of conversions. I am not certain how to identify the point at which one tactic should replace the other.

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