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Unbxd PIM: Solving the Collaboration Challenge

Unbxd Product Information Management or PIM is a great enabler for eCommerce stores by solving team collaboration challenges. It is explored in detail as we progress through the blog.

Each task involved in managing product data is handled by a product team member with a particular skill set, and roles are defined accordingly. For example, a content writer drafts the product description, and a designer would need to update product images. If the product team works with a freelance photographer, he/she provides the product images.

Unbxd Product Information Management for eCommerce Teams

Managing roles for team members, creating and assigning tasks are essential functions of product data management. Also, as we saw with imports, collaborating with external  stakeholders creates additional challenges for the role and task management, such as:

  • Suppliers/vendors often send product files riddled with erroneous data. Product teams have to correspond with suppliers via long email threads to get product data updated. Managing tasks this way is cumbersome and inefficient.

  • Using email to share product information with external stakeholders can lead to multiple, redundant copies of product data prone to errors. Product teams and suppliers are forced to upload/download files from emails repeatedly.

  • To control access to sensitive product data such as pricing when sharing files with external stakeholders. Product teams often maintain a separate set of files that exclude sensitive data, resulting in further redundancy.

Improve Team Collaboration with PIM

Unbxd Product Information Management addresses these challenges with convenient features that enable product teams to collaborate with all stakeholders involved in managing product data in real-time:

  • Product teams can invite external stakeholders such as suppliers and freelancers to join their PIM organization by email. This allows them to set up their account, have their own logins, and collaborate in real-time within Unbxd Product Information Management.

  • With Unbxd Product Information Management, everyone has access to one central repository of data to edit or update existing data or add new data. This negates the need for repeated file uploads/downloads and avoids redundant copies of product files.

  • Unbxd Product Information Management (PIM) lets product teams have granular control over access permissions to product data. Administrators can define read/write/manage permissions based on individual users or based on ‘roles.’ For example, a content writer can be given ‘write’ permission for just the ‘product description’ property but might have ‘read-only’ permission for all other properties. Similarly, a freelance photographer can be assigned ‘read vs. write’ permission for the ‘product images’ property alone and can be restricted from accessing any other product data.

  • Product teams can create and assign tasks based on roles or by members. Tasks such as adding/updating product data can be delegated to suppliers since they know the product information in detail. This allows product teams to focus on more pressing matters, such as enriching product content with digital assets.
  • Unbxd PIM sends email alerts when tasks are assigned and also when tasks are completed. This makes delegation and management of work a lot more efficient.

By facilitating easier collaboration, Unbxd PIM makes product teams more efficient at managing product data which helps them get the right content in front of shoppers a lot faster. This helps brands and eCommerce companies realize higher sales revenues.

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