Unbxd PIM launches Activity Log

Unbxd PIM launches Activity Log

Product content management is an iterative process. A piece of product content undergoes review, updates and changes multiple times during a product’s lifetime on a store. And each change, irrespective of how large or small, is attributable to a different team member spanning all the way back to the product’s start of life. But ecommerce teams struggle to keep track of the who, what and when as product content continues to evolve.  Unbxd is excited to announce the launch of Activity Logs for Unbxd PIM, the latest feature that helps teams keep track of and manage changes to their product content. What is Activity Log? Activity Log is a complete, historical record of every change made to a product within Unbxd PIM. Activity Log tracks, collates and presents every change performed in an easy to comprehend manner. Using Activity Log, teams can track the following: – Date of the Activity – Activity Performed – The Person responsible for the Activity – Old and New Values of properties (attributes) – Comments added during updates Activity Log also incorporates filtering capabilities to narrow down and accurately identify a specific activity. Activity Log maintains simplicity and categorizes the product actions as Created, Modified or Deleted. Additional granularity on the PIM action that influenced the change such as an import, a manual create or edit, bulk edits, tasks or workflows is also displayed. How does Activity Log Help ecommerce teams? Activity Log was developed with the sole aim of improved transparency. Large scale teams collaborating on product content are often hamstrung by a lack of clarity. A team member preparing a product for a clearance sale would have no idea if the displayed price is up to date or not. Tracking down the last update made or the actual individual responsible for the update, is time and effort that are better spent creating great product content. With Activity Log however, every update made to the product is made accessible to everyone within a team. Benefits of Activity Log – Full historical record of activities and actions performed on a product – Improved transparency between teams and governance of product content – Automated tracking and logging of product actions as opposed to maintaining a physical change log – Reduced time and effort in tracing back past changes and individuals responsible Getting started with Activity Log Activity Log can be accessed from within any product page in Unbxd PIM.  1. Navigate to the Products tab and choose a product for which you want to view the activity history. Click Activity Log right below the Save Product button. 2. The Activity Log opens to show the entire list of actions performed on the product. Unbxd PIM launches Activity Log 3. Selecting an activity from the list, displays a drop down with more information. The following example lists the Properties changed as well as their old and updated values. Unbxd PIM launches Activity Log 4. Activity Log also offers a filter options that help quickly narrow down an activity performed on a product on the basis of Date, Property or the Individual that performed the change.

Date based filtering with Activity Log

  Unbxd PIM launches Activity Log                                                                              Activity based filtering with Activity Log

Check out Activity Log with a free trial of Unbxd PIM.

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