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Sep 01 2020

Unbxd PIM For Amazon: A Must Have For Modern Retail Sellers

Prem Auti

Product Manager

Selling on an online marketplace is not an easy task. Most e-sellers face repeated issues when selling on different sales channels or marketplaces. Some of the common problems of these sellers are ‘failing to upload the product data,' ‘incomplete product information,' 'difficulty in handling variants,' 'changing some attributes of the product,' and the list goes on.

But have you wondered why in the first place, these issues arise? The absence of catalog management, the inability to manage the e-Commerce catalog, and the failure to meet the validation requirements for different categories by the marketplace are the primary reasons for the abovementioned issues.

Catalog Management Challenges E-sellers Face

Sellers must understand that product information is one of the critical factors in driving online purchases. Unfortunately, product information management remains one of these marketplaces' pressing issues the sellers face.

Expectations are increasing day by day concerning rich and consistent product information. If the data doesn't meet their expected standards, consumers will not be confident to buy your product. Hence, modern sellers must manage their eCommerce catalog strategically. Before diving into why product data matters in today's-retailing space, let's look at e-sellers' issues.

  • Difficulty in meeting Marketplace requirements: There is a predefined structure to how the product information will look in a marketplace like Amazon. A common observation is that new sellers face a lot of difficulty understanding and meeting the desired requirements. Also, these requirements change with every category leading to more complexities in catalog processing.

  • Managing different Product types: Catalog management becomes more complicated when the catalog has the following:

  • Variant/Matrix/ options: Group of products that vary on a few attributes. For example, blazers must have related SKUs for one blazer that may come in multiple sizes and colors like (Grey, Large) and (Grey, Small).

  • Kit/assembly: Certain products need the assembly of many small products. A seller might have to sell the complete package or individual components. Maintaining the assembly information in the catalog is difficult.

  • Product-Data Normalization from the third party: Most sellers buy the same finished item from multiple vendors. Data from these vendors come in all formats, and it gets difficult for the seller to normalize it as per the marketplace or any sales channel requirement.
  • Keeping Product Listing Updated: Many sellers have to constantly update a few attributes on the sales channel, like price, size, availability, or information related to newly-arrived products, etc. It consumes a lot of time, even updating a single attribute like the price on different sales channels, which could have been used for other business functions.

  • Expanding Product Catalog: A poorly managed or unorganized catalog inhibits sellers from adding new SKUs. The inability to develop the product catalog is mainly attributed to the considerable processing time required for processing the existing catalog.
Two most important stakeholders for e-retailers in India

The two most important stakeholders for sellers to keep in mind before selling online are end customers and the online marketplace. In India, Amazon is the largest online marketplace. Amazon has designed its selling platform to ensure consistency in the product information for each category, which helps end customers have a great shopping experience. If sellers can meet the platform requirements of Amazon, end customers are automatically getting taken care of. 

Sellers can quickly meet the desired requirement if they maintain their catalog strategically. However, before we know how sellers can achieve this, let’s understand more about strategic catalog management and its benefits.

What is Strategic Catalog Management, and How does it help sellers?

It is the strategic process of maintaining an organized catalog with consistent and rich product information data across multiple sales channels.

Strategic catalog management gives a natural advantage to the sellers over others. It helps sellers in the following ways:

  • Generate higher revenue
  • Loyal customer base
  • Reducing manual efforts
  • Reducing time and cost involved
  • Sellers can get to market in a minimum time
  • Increase the number of SKUs
Unbxd PIM App: A Smart Product for Strategic Catalog Management

Unbxd PIM is an intelligent product that helps modern e-commerce sellers maintain their catalog as per the expectations of Amazon. 

Unbxd PIM centralizes all the product-related data in one place and processes the information to ensure accurate, consistent, and contextual data to shoppers.

Selling on Amazon is Made Easy With Unbxd PIM

Unbxd PIM’s Five Step method to manage, process, and publish data to Amazon will help sellers to publish the catalog quickly.

Unbxd PIM’s Advantages

  • Minimum time required to publish and export product information on amazon
  • Validation widgets for 1500+ Amazon categories are available
  • Reduced manual catalog correction by using smart corrections
  • Can import catalog data for multiple sources and store it within the Unbxd System
  • Help sellers directly upscale their sales on Amazon
How will Unbxd PIM help sellers in their business?

We know that Unbxd PIM will help manage your e-Commerce catalog most efficiently. Also, Unbxd PIM will help sellers achieve the following:

  • Consistent Product Data: With Unbxd PIM, you can achieve consistent product data for your catalog
  • Getting rid of the manual process: Unbxd PIM can help save a lot of manual effort and time by automating the tasks. Sellers can invest this saved time in other functions of their business.
  • Complete product listing: With the accurate and required product information, listing during site search will improve on Amazon, eventually resulting in greater visibility to end customers
  • Increase in overall profitability: The impact of reduced returns and high sales volume will increase overall profitability.

To access  Unbxd PIM from Amazon Seller Account :

Step 1: Log into Amazon Seller Central account

Step2:  Click on >> Apps and Services >> Discover Apps >> Listing >> Unbxd PIM


Step 2: Directly Search Unbxd PIM in the search bar.

Watch the Product Demo Video here.

To know more about Unbxd PIM, visit us.

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