Unbxd launches a multilingual search solution for eCommerce enterprises!

Unbxd launches a multilingual search for eCommerce enterprises!

Alex (French): Bonjour

Fredrik (German): Guten Tag

Spata (Spanish): Buen Dia

Patricia (Italian): Buona Giornata

Mareek (Bahasa): Selamat Siang

And there would be an endless confusion and chaos if the conversation goes on like this forever. It would simply mean no conclusion and end-result despite the fact – all of the above mean the same “Good Day!”

Well, there are two sides to this game. The game of Communication! One is speaking which is the easier bit to do. You and I can choose to speak in our own language (which we are most well versed with). The other side of the game is – listening. But listening is of no use if we are not able to comprehend and understand what the other person means by what he or she is saying. This communication becomes complex and tedious to manage when it comes to eCommerce enterprises and search on their platforms.


Because shoppers will continue to speak (read search) in their own native language. A matter of habit and instinct. But not all the eCommerce enterprises are custom-built to understand the searches being made in their native language. This means lost business opportunity. In today’s competitive world, no eCommerce can afford to not have a multilingual capability. Still so, only a handful of eCommerce enterprises are able to offer mature and fully functional multilingual search capabilities.

We at Unbxd have been powering 200bn interactions with over 100bn searches for all eCommerce enterprises (across verticals and geographies – 40+ countries) put together. Many of them have multiple sites built specifically to cater to the demands of the indigenous shoppers in that particular geography.

When we talked to them about the search, navigation and relevance solution for these sites (other than English), we realized there was a huge business potential these eCommerce enterprises were losing to unavailability of a search engine that could listen, understand and interpret the search queries in the native language. This gap can be attributed to multiple factors:

  1. Unavailability of a fully functional multi-lingual site-search
  2. Resistance to having multiple site-search solutions for multiple sites
  3. Lack of a cost-effective or Value-for-money search solution
  4. Missing multilingual capabilities in primitive technologies such as ElasticSearch/SOLR

We started engaging with our eCommerce customers to understand their business needs and what they were looking for when they wanted to deploy a multilingual site-search solution. And today we can only be happy while delivering to their business needs and announcing the launch of our multilingual Site-Search solution.

Our multilingual Site-Search solution can understand the search queries made by your end-shoppers in 10 different languages viz: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Bahasa (adding the capability for Arabic and Russian soon).

This would mean any eCommerce store having its business across any part of the world where the above languages are primary languages can go live with Unbxd Site-Search without having to worry for a native search solution.

In terms of how does this work – an eCommerce will only have to provide the catalog in the native language and Unbxd will ensure that:

  1. The Search platform understands the catalog in the native language
  2. The Search platform is fully capable of understanding the search queries in the native language

Once the catalog is uploaded and the feed is indexed, your customers can come, search and browse for the products they want to buy in their native language. eCommerce will not have to worry about the loss of information that would have otherwise happened while using a translator to fix the problem.

What would this mean for eCommerce enterprises?

Business Benefits of a Multilingual Site-Search solution

Unbxd offering multilingual search capabilities to eCommerce enterprises would mean:

  1. Easy understanding of the product catalog in the native language
  2. Hassle-free interpretation of the search queries in the native language
  3. Fine-tune contextual relevance and showcasing products that shoppers are most likely to buy
  4. Avoid loss of information in translation because of in-built stemming and tokenization techniques
  5. Minimize zero search results due to poor understanding of the search query
  6. Uplift conversions for overall business (because of a better understanding of shoppers’ intent and ability to show products with a higher likelihood of purchase)

Overall, with efficient multilingual capabilities on the online store, eCommerce enterprises are more likely to enhance the on-site shopping experience for their shoppers across the globe. This would mean more shoppers, higher conversion rates, high customer satisfaction, and stickiness and thus increased customer lifetime value.

We have built this capability keeping in mind the global retailers who would want to go global with their products and offerings. And also considering boutique businesses who are selling indigenous stuff under single brand name in respective geographies. From small to big enterprises that plan to offer its products and services across multiple geographies should find this multilingual Site-Search truly useful and beneficial for their business.

In case you are an existing customer of Unbxd reading the blog here, please drop a mail to your customer success manager right away to go live! If you are new here looking to find the right search solution that can cater to your global business demands, feel free to write to us at sales@unbxd.com and we would be happy to walk you through the entire process of going live with Site-Search that is multilingual and can udnderstand the search queries in the native language!

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