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How UI for eCommerce websites shapes the online shopping experience?

Getting the UI for eCommerce websites right is a challenge for developers and owners? 

They all want the customers to knock themselves out on seeing the website and serve the best possible customer experience at the same time. It is a challenge a few eCommerce developers are willing to face and achieve. 

As we proceed through the blog, you will understand the best UIs for eCommerce websites. The user experience is an essential part of an eCommerce website. So what are the strategies for crafting exceptional UIs for eCommerce websites? 

What is a UI for eCommerce websites?

User Interface (UI) for E-commerce is the visual aspect of any eCommerce application or website that determines how any user interacts with the information displayed on your application or a website. ECommerce UI covers design thinking theory through user interaction with graphic design, interaction design, and information infrastructure and focuses on improving usability and user experience.

An excellent eCommerce UI enhances the user experience through the fluidity of interaction of various elements on the website, not only with the user but also with each other. UI also refers to what information the user sees when it interacts with various elements of the eCommerce website or application. The info’s relevance adds to the overall user experience and decides if a user will stay on your website or application.

UI Statistics and trends for 2021

Here are some numbers that will help understand the importance of having an excellent eCommerce UI in place.

  • As much as 40 percent of consumers will leave an aesthetically unappealing site – Adobe.

  • By 2021, “brands that redesign their websites to support visual- and voice-search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30 percent.” – Gartner

  • Approximately 41% of adults perform voice searches every day – ComScore. 

  • 49.2% of all eCommerce sales in the US will be on mobile phones – Statista.

  • AI and machine learning will see an investment of $49 billion in 2021 – Gartner.

Website Aesthetics is the key.

The colors and placement of various objects on the website or your app are crucial for delivering a great user experience. However, in the UI for an eCommerce site, one must not forget how the objects interact with each other, and the expected result out of each action is also essential. The smoother and fluid the UI is, the better it is for your eCommerce site, and the longer will your customer interact with it. 

Adobe says 40% of the customers leave an unappealing eCommerce website irrespective of how good the deals are. The simplicity of UI for eCommerce is key to a great user experience. Choose a single bold color theme for your eCommerce website and implement its various shades.

Acquire site search capability for both visual and voice

People searching on the website are the ones with the highest intent of purchase. The conversion rate of a site search is 1.8 times higher than direct website conversion. The conversion rate of customers performing the site search is 4.63%compared to 2.77% for the website. It is also worth noticing that 5 out of 10 retailers get their customers from the site search.

With so much intent for customers who perform a site search, it becomes imperative for eCommerce websites and apps to have all-around search capability, i.e., both voice and visual. People are slowly gravitating towards voice search, more precisely 50% by 2021. So it has become important that eCommerce platforms have to focus on both the kinds of site search across all devices for a seamless experience

Develop cross-device capability for your eCommerce platform

A crucial aspect of UI design for eCommerce websites and apps is thumb-friendly mobile navigation. 49.2% of all eCommerce sales are to be on mobile phones by 2021. More importantly, 75% of users navigate phones using only their thumbs.

When designing your eCommerce site, make sure to put menus, navigation bars, and the all-important purchase buttons within thumb’s reach. It is worth noting that even SEO for webpages also prioritizes mobile-friendliness, but that does not mean ignoring desktop. Still, desktop users drive a majority of the traffic. So it would be a good idea to optimize for both mobile and desktop users.  

Invest in AI and ML capabilities for conversational UI

According to Gartner, the eCommerce industry expects to see AI-driven investments worth $49 billion in 2021. AI and ML can help get new insights into UI for an eCommerce site and devise the best possible way for creating an excellent tailored user experience.

Given that the site search capability is a priority for eCommerce platforms developing a more in-depth understanding of user interaction is crucial. AI and ML can help eCommerce platforms understand what drives conversions. With voice and visual site search in place, having AI and ML capability is the cherry on the cake. It will help you understand various conversations that customers have with the eCommerce platform across platforms. 

Strategies for excellent UI for eCommerce websites

With such opportunities on the horizon, it is crucial to have the right strategies to get the maximum out of it. Here are some tips for building an excellent UI for the eCommerce site. 

  1. Make your Brand Visible to customers.
  2. Keep the user flow at the core.
  3. Check if the page is scannable.
  4. Work towards reducing human effort
  5. Experiment wherever you can but do not stray too much
  6. Use targeted landing pages.
  7. Make the best out of the homepages.
  8. Use high-quality images
  9. Use videos in places that explain the information in a better way.
  10. Make the rewards and other benefits more visible so that your website becomes stickier than before.

9 examples of great UI for eCommerce websites

Now that you have insight into the strategies required to craft great eCommerce websites with excellent UI offering the best user experience to its customers. 

 Here are a few examples of how some brands implemented them.



IGK makes excellent use of the whitespace to accentuate the visual appeal of its hair care product. The usage of colors is ideal that puts its brand at the forefront. The copies are spot on, and the designs are clean. The limited animations used to showcase the product only adds flavor. IGK also uses high-quality images of the products and models to add additional appeal to the eCommerce website. Much care has been taken to optimizing the website for desktop and mobile.

House of ROHL


The House of ROHL is a place for vintage-style kitchen and bath fixtures. These fittings are bespoke and handcrafted; it becomes evident from their choice of design, images, and copywriting. The contrast of high-quality pictures with the right background on the ROHL website showcases the craftsmanship behind the fixtures that exudes luxury beautifully. 


UI for eCommerce - ROHL

HiSkin is a skincare product brand. The eCommerce website makes excellent use of videos with its minimalist style. The usage of videos with people from various ethnic backgrounds is easily conveyed. This eCommerce website’s UI showcases the use of multiple tones of a single color and video to speak the brand language to its fullest.

Limnia Kasama

Limnia Kasana

Limnia Kasama is a community-based eCommerce platform for upper-class modern women. The choice of fonts, excellent image quality, copywriting, and the proportionate use of white space adds to its elegance to the website’s polish. The homepage is highly tailored, with excellent navigation prompting to in great product discovery. The site search engine is fluid and encourages products based on previous search activities, enabling a great user experience.


UI for eCommerce - GitmanBros

GitmanBros is a bespoke shirts brand. The UI of the eCommerce website is an absolute looker. The brand’s user interface caters to the modern man looking for a classy yet vintage look. The buyer persona they are trying to reach out to is upper-class men interested in sports and related activities. A clean layout with minimal animation makes it even more appealing. The copywriting of the website is very straightforward, which is appealing to men.

Google Pixel 5

UI for eCommerce - Google Pixel

Google Pixel 5 website is something website creators should look up to while creating one. Scrolling through the website is an experience in itself. The website’s simplicity with a focus only on creating an experience for the customers is something you cannot ignore when visiting the website. The website’s copy is straightforward and focused on the phone’s critical features as the targeted buyer persona are affluent tech-savvy adults.



Haerfest’s customers are travelers and office goers. All of them need backpacks that can store a lot in a small space. It should be sturdy and modern at the same time. The minimalist design with excellent copy and the right set of images and videos spin the magic. Single CTA on the page is all it takes to get customers to the right place. A more straightforward design goes well with the trendy and exact nature of the product. 

Waka Waka

Waka Waka

Waka-Waka is divergent in the UI for eCommerce websites. The large images with random animations go well with the different looks of the furniture. The website is for people searching for something different, which is functional, elegant, modern, and experimental. Like its buyer persona, the website chooses to standout with its extra-large fonts and images and use of single tone color. Like its types of furniture, the website is also functional. However, Waka-waka does with some elegance.


UI for eCommerce - Nixon

Nixon is the eCommerce site for premium sports watches, apparel, backpacks, and accessories for people indulged in surfing, skate, and snow roots. There’s something for everyone, from everyday sports & fitness to small digital watches for a night out. Once you land on the website, the UI of the eCommerce clearly shows if you are the right person to be there. The choice of images and animations are impeccable and demonstrate the functionality and use of the products. Traversing through the website feels divine.

How does Unbxd aid in a great experience through UI for eCommerce websites?

You have gone through all these examples of UI for eCommerce websites. They are beautiful and deliver excellent user experiences in their way. The question that now arises is what does Unbxd do to improve your eCommerce website UI. 

The site search capability of Unbxd uses AI and ML algorithms that track buying behavior and optimizes itself to discover products that customers are willing to buy. Unbxd has an in-depth understanding of the customer.  

Unbxd infers the meaning and intent behind each search and delivers to the customer the product they are most likely to buy. It is a win-win situation for customers as well as the eCommerce business. Customers find products faster, thus shortening the customer journey. The eCommerce businesses provide excellent user experience to customers that increase their revenue and retain the customers.

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