Employees and Customers of Unbxd

To Employees and Customers of Unbxd

For any organization, its employees and customers are the pillars of strength and growth. We at Unbxd take pride in being able to attend to the needs of both of our key stakeholders, especially during these critical times. 

Hear what Smitha Rao, Senior Director of Human Resources at Unbxd, and Ridhima Mohla, Director of Customer Success at Unbxd have to share about – how we are building an empathetic and motivational relationship during these times with both our employees and customers. And how the idea of shared vision and goals is empowering everyone in the ecosystem!

Building a culture of empathy and transparency for employees

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, we have been faced with balancing the health and safety of our employees and their families with the need to ensure there are changes in our policies and processes in terms of the way we work, engage, collaborate, keep everyone motivated and have fun! And we at Unbxd have been very flexible and cool about the work from the home set-up.

We implemented WFH even before the government and other companies declared it.  We have innovated ideas from various teams to bring out the best ways to collaborate, maintain a healthy communication, and enhance productivity while we continue working from home until the end of this year.

You can also read Work From Home best practices during the COVID circumstances. for enhanced prodictivity and better collaboration.

We ensure from an employee engagement standpoint, there are various fun & team-based activities, and awareness and wellness sessions being conducted on different topics on a regular basis to keep the momentum going in terms of engagement, interaction, and fun.

From an employee wellness perspective, we are regularly staying connected with all our employees. We have been quite proactive in doing so. We have provided support to access health professionals, via phone/ text, through the Employee Assistance Program. We have put a policy around Immediate paid medical leave for any employee diagnosed with COVID-19.

We have organized well-being sessions every Thursday/Friday (including Zumba, Yoga, meditation, counseling sessions) to help our employees and their families stay physically and mentally healthy at home and provide 100% coverage for virtual doctor consultations. To ensure that we all stay connected and cognizant of company health and employees well being, there is an All-Hands our Founders host every Wednesday. This has helped us to bolster confidence and cultivate a culture of transparency when everyone is working remotely.

We have paid a lot of emphasis on the value of ‘empathy’ during these times so that all of us can be more patient, reasonable, and understanding of each others’ troubles, challenges and are willing to go the extra mile to help each other way forward. This has cultivated a positive attitude and strong and trusted relationships within the organization, during the period.

In these uncertain times, the employee experience will be remembered for years to come and will have a lasting impact on employee behavior including engagement, productivity, and loyalty and that’s what matters to us at Unbxd. But “Nothing beats the Unbxd Team Spirit” that keeps us motivated and working together as one!

Shared vision and goal with Unbxd Customers

As COVID-19 came to grip the world, we are writing to share that we continue our commitment to our global community of customers and partners. We appreciate the trust our customers have placed in us and fully understand how critical the Unbxd solution is to their success. 

Unbxd has always had operations with distributed teams across multiple regions and time zones. This has helped us over the years to build an agile cross-team collaboration and we continue to lean on this existing experience. Supporting our team members and protecting their health has been of the utmost importance. We have ensured that all our team members are set-up for secure remote work from the very beginning. When individuals have faced inevitable personal challenges, teams have stepped up and volunteered to provide additional support and coverage. 

We have built contingency plans for our teams to ensure our turn around times and resolution effectiveness is unaffected and we continue to provide 24×7 support to all our customers. As an e-commerce technology provider with extremely robust platforms, we have been able to rapidly adapt to virtual business continuity challenges. In these unprecedented times, we have increased channels of internal communication and we have made conscious efforts to ensure we stay more connected to you, our customers, and partners so you can remain focused on your business challenges and goals. 

People are shopping online more than ever before. With the changes in products and services consumers buy, the e-commerce trends and shopping behaviors are seeing a lot of fluctuations. Our Customer Success Managers and Business Analysts are engaging in various initiatives to help our customers make data-driven decisions for product ranking and relevance on their websites. For example, many businesses have made changes to their inventory, especially with the addition of essential products like masks, PPE kits, and more. We are continuously working with our customers to enable better product discovery for these new product lines in e-commerce stores.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID, our customers have continued to inspire us with the way they have confronted the problems and accomplished so much in the last few months. We continue to cheer on their milestones and achievements as we tread together on this journey. Virtual meetups and TGIF interactions with our customers and partners have kept our teams energized and motivated as well.

This pandemic has brought us all closer than ever before. It has made us rethink how we connect with our customers and has in the process made us partner with them a lot more efficiently. We are now working on creating an ecosystem where our customers can connect with each other through Fireside chats and Webinars that enable us as a community to ideate and collaborate around current challenges as well as prepare for a better future for eCommerce.

They say bad times bring out the best in people. We have certainly seen individuals and teams rise to the occasion with gestures of empathy, small and big. We are confident that our learnings from this experience will only help us get better as an organization for years to come!

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