The new Unbxd console: Simplifying eCommerce search for online retailers

Ever ran out of a product page because the UI confused you?

Or the number of navigation buttons made the product journey complex and long?

Or had no idea how to navigate through the console to reach milestones in your journey?

The chaos called console!

The console is the lego game base where everyone builds their own Lego house. But building a Lego house is synonymous with complexity. Complex interfaces should be tagged as forbidden fruits, not to even exist. 

Isn’t it?

Let’s take an example of how difficult it was for even the staff members to demo the new Blackberry Z10. And we all remember how puzzled users were while using Windows 8 because apparently there was NO start button.


Because the interface was unequivocally complex. 

What problem do such complexities form?

They build inherent inertia toward using a new product or realizing the full potential of the product-in-use. But tackling numerous user requests, Unbxd, home grew some console etiquettes for itself in the market.  But before deep diving into what’s cool and awesome in the Unbxd New Console, let’s look into what makes console navigation not a pleasant experience:

  • Hidden Features: Also prominently known as the Dark UI, hides certain relevant features or digs them under debris. This makes it absolutely confusing for the users to find those or act upon them. Because if ‘checkout’ is hidden inside such tabs no one would ever know!

    Unbxd’s Lens
    : Unbxd has triggered important features at the forefront. Features like merchandising, autosuggest, setting up rules, facets, are easily navigable by our new console design.  All these features which solve the key purpose of the product are brought front and center.

  • Complex Navigation: Imagine you are walking down the road to find an address and you ask someone. “Go down this road, take the first left, then just at the water tank take a right, and again take the second left.”
    Exactly what users scream looking at the petty workflow.
    So, the best way to simplify is to create various categories for the products. In fact, 70% of users find it easier to search for their products using navigation than search.

    Unbxd’s Lens: For Unbxd, the avg time taken to navigate through the entire console is 7 mins. 7 mins to create your account, set up your site, upload your catalog, and tada! Launch your site. 

    From a progress bar at the top to features which just need enough attention -the new console is designed in such a way that no place in the console seems unmaneouverable! A quick gif below explains how easy it is to upload multiple banner requests for your website/online store.

  • Lack of Information: Creating a console for your product is one thing, adding enough information on/about it with proper guided tours,  error messages, notifications, and tool-info is the other half. Without the latter part, the first half ain’t going to deliver even a dime.

    Unbxd’s Lens: We have well-maintained documentation as well as clearly defined error messages at every instance to avoid confusion with the industry terms. We have defined every step with the next actions needed clearly with a crisp copy.

  • Endless dropdown list: Pushing your dropdown to enlist endless items in it confuses the user. Imagine you clicked a tab and the list is overthrowing the entire screen. With an eCommerce site, it is majorly a setback to have something like this.

    Unbxd Lens: Our tabs have no more than three listings to keep you effortless while selecting. Breezy words that let you self-understand what it is all about. We don’t support or have endless scrolling. Our tabs are confined within max. Three sub-categories and rest are better occupied on the left side.

Importance of console for eCommerce search and online retailers

Customers who love to shop, also love to see new products and designs easily within an affordable price range. 

Now, if we analyze the above statement, it actually means to super-charge your site on at least 4 factors. But for the integration of an effective search, the complex workflow needs to be simplified:

  • Providing sales-worthy products means having an effective merchandising
  • Displaying results as the shoppers’ type means integrating a proper autosuggest engine
  • Showing the shoppers what they like, means recreating their console with personalized recommendations.

So, it is important to leverage the entire lego house based on proper structuring. –

  • Decide on the workflow: The workflow will decide what goes online on the interface for the users. 
  • Prioritize the elements: After the workflow is set, you can’t display all the features upfront. The most important ones are prioritized.
  • Create a degree of visibility for all the elements: Decide the screen change on element clicks. 

Therefore, our team of designers and product developed a framework which quickly delivered results with our spread-out console:

                                 The FAST framework

Faster Onboarding: From crawling through the catalog to defining attributes as synonyms, concepts, or facets is all automated; the actual onboarding process for a catalog with 10K products takes only around 5-6 mins to complete. You quickly jump to the next steps to finally see a working Search on your site. This has been possible because of non-confusing UI and well placed guided tours to take online stores live.

Automation: Unbxd has turned into this data-centric entity that lets you automate the creation of a relevant search system within minutes. No more manual efforts in crawling through your own catalog to identify attributes and adding them. Unbxd’s powerful AI engine takes the stick and handles the herd itself. This is made easy by placing referenceable links to documentation and guides so that a user is always sure about what is happening to their data.

Scheduling Merchandising Campaigns: An upcoming serious sales bounty? Or time to dry down the inventory? Schedule your upcoming merchandising campaigns easily with us. These campaigns are the backbone of any online eCommerce store because it brings sales and retains customers. Scheduling them according to the seasonality shrinks down your load immensely. Since these activities form a part of daily activities for an eCommerce or merchandising team, our product and design folks ensured that these features were not hidden, grab attention, and simple to use to maintain high product adoption.

Tracking & Analyzing: Just like a crazy stalker, you always want to keep a track of your entire site’s activities while analyzing the ups and dips in your revenues, sales, click-throughs, or orders. We let you do that. Such analytical reports let you introspect your campaigns, tweak them accordingly, and see what’s working and what’s not.

Unbxd succinctly defines its interfacial properties by placing elements efficiently on its console. A color palette that lets you infer and make decisions just by looking at the graphs and numbers. The reports are placed spatially so that you do not have to wear a magnifying glass to look into the reports. 

This sense of design and product utility has fetched us a lot of positive feedback from customers, product analysts and other industry experts who we talked to, consulted and shared our new console journey with!

Unbxd’s new slick console

With the FAST approach and meticulous UI fixes, Unbxd’s stupendous new slick console is a work of science and art. Over the period of time through critical customer feedback, group discussions, and multiple brainstorming sessions – the Unbxd team storyboarded the slickest and most functional design aspects which could empower (rather than obstruct) the merchandisers and eCommerce teams to have a full view of what’s going on in their business. Let’s have a look into these aspects:

  • Subtle use of colors: Our primary color remains the Unbxd’s logo’s Aqua Teal which framed the buttons, highlights, and other elements.
  • Orchestrated the UX copy: With a laconic UX copy, we instill all the information to navigate you better whilst also not overdoing it on the console. 
  • No deviation: When you are on the homepage, our console lets you free flow from one screen to another without switching tabs. 
  • Proper Links: Unbxd made sure you get in-detailed information about features through our documentation. The links are spread across subtly yet vividly for you to consume information in the right instance. 
  • Whitespace: Enough whitespace that segregates elements to let you select and parse through options. As justifiable whitespace is termed iconic for best console designs, Unbxd has adapted it well for its Onboarding and search and merchandising console. 

With such features, you might not even realize the journey that you take on. 

How are we enabling the end-to-end journey?

Right from creating your account, to uploading your catalog, and building an AI-powered relevant search system, the new Unbxd console makes your entire journey and experience of using a search solution for your website super simple and hassle-free.

We have compiled and compressed the entire process into 4 steps:

  1. Creating Your Site: Just like any other site you need to first create an account for your site. 
  2. Uploading Your Catalog: When the site is ready, prepare your catalog
    (product and schema list)  in .csv, JSON, .xml format, and upload it via a mode like APIs, Platforms, or PIM. The Unbxd engine indexes the entire product list to work on it. 
  3. Building Your Site Search: When the indexing is done, Unbxd’s AI system runs through the catalog again to identify attributes that can act as facets, searchable fields, or for which synonyms, concepts, phrases, can be identified. (You can read the 5-minute Site Search set up using AI for more information)
  4. Analytics & Reporting: Once your site is set, understand your shoppers’ behavior with our super strong analytics & reporting system in place. 

Everything from beginning to day-to-day usage of the console is so smooth, that after an hour (not an era), you get accustomed to it bringing their requirements to life. 

With so many business requirements – a neat design and cool features, and easy to navigate console; using a site search solution will never be complex again!

Are you also ready to onboard and experience the future of site search with Unbxd? Drop a note to for more details.

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