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Why Site Search is important for your eCommerce business?

Our experience with Search is defined by how Google and Amazon show up search results for a search query. And so are your shoppers’ experience defined by the same tenets of the search functionality.  But why should this bother you as a business?  Because you should be showing search results in 0.25 seconds to match the level of expectations set by Google. It also means having a search solution built into your system that can beat Amazon’s A9 algorithm. In short, build a search solution that can give shoppers a…

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Purchase Process Industry News 

Purchase Process is Iterative, You Savvy!

If shopping online wasn’t cumbersome enough already, we’ve also gone ahead and made the most boring part of it the longest. It turns out that it takes 5.08 steps on average for a shopper to just check-out a product and that does not even account for the number of clicks and other steps it takes to first get to the check-out phase. I can, on the other hand, imagine why we end up with abominations such as a long purchase process. It is called over-simplifying it to fit it in a simple…

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