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How Relevant is Your Site Search: 5 Elements You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Toys ’R’ Us announced earlier this month that they were closing their doors after 70 years in business, ending an era of timely Christmas bargains and birthday toy-store visit traditions. Amidst last minute scrambles for discounts, nostalgic videos of how it all began, and discussions over what’s left to salvage, the story remains the same — online beat retail yet again. We’ve heard the diatribe about innovation disrupting normalcy and changing how things are done in a hundred different contexts before. The industrial revolution made mass manufactured goods accessible and…

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Why AI in eCommerce is the Partner You’ve Been Looking For

AI is touted as the next big thing in almost every industry. From agriculture to transport, there’s barely any industry that is yet to explore at least an aspect of artificial intelligence and how it can enhance it in some way. In the context of eCommerce specifically, the applications of AI go from bots and virtual assistants to its most widespread application — assisted product discovery. But what is product discovery and what role does AI play in simplifying it? Simply put, product discovery is the experience of easily finding…

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Why the Future of Online Merchandising is AI Assisted

One of the best ways to find the latest fashion trends is to walk into a store at the start of a new season. Almost every brand follows a similar layout — you have your discount racks at the back, the staple essentials in their usual places, and front and centre you have the latest styles and colours of the season. The ones that make it so much harder to walk by without adding them to your cart. It’s easier to resist if you’re closer to the end of the…

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What 2 Billion eCommerce Interactions Reveal About Mobile Product Discovery

61% of the 2.4 billion smartphone users on the planet reach for their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up.  Our latest report on mobile product discovery — based on 2 billion eCommerce interactions on our platform — revealed some interesting insights on how technology has impacted shopper purchasing behaviour on mobile. Here’s our take on what the data showed us. Fashion Already Winning on Mobile In early 2016, uber-luxury brand Burberry announced that more than half their eCommerce purchases happened on mobile. In fact, over the last five…

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Meet us at 2016

Are you looking to talk product discovery and site search challenges at the upcoming Retail’s Digital Summit in Dallas, next week? Sign up to collect the EXCLUSIVE Shoppers’ Experience Report of your website from our site analysts at Booth #4024. The report is curated with insights from focus group participants that are analyzed on the basis of 45 key parameters. You will get in-depth knowledge of the usability issues that are dissuading shoppers from finding the right products on your website. We will also cover the suggestions on how you…

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Throwback Thursday: When Unbxd Went to IRCE 2015, The World’s Largest eCommerce Conference

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a part of the online retailing community, you’re probably aware that IRCE is one of the biggest events in the industry on the planet! IRCE is special event for Unbxd, because it not only provides us with the opportunity to network with some of the retail industry stalwarts from across the globe, but also gives us a chance make a valuable contribution to their companies’ revenue through technology and industry best practices. Unbxd at IRCE 2015: Same time, last year The…

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