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Why AI in eCommerce is the Partner You’ve Been Looking For

AI is touted as the next big thing in almost every industry. From agriculture to transport, there’s barely any industry that is yet to explore at least an aspect of artificial intelligence and how it can enhance it in some way. In the context of eCommerce specifically, the applications of AI go from bots and virtual assistants to its most widespread application — assisted product discovery. But what is product discovery and what role does AI play in simplifying it? Simply put, product discovery is the experience of easily finding…

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How Technology Helps Small Retailers Fight the Big Guys

Imagine the most efficient salesperson at your favorite store and how well they predict just what you would like to buy. Now imagine the same efficient salesperson, except it’s not just you she knows about — she knows about thousands like you and helps each of those yous with just as much precision. That’s an exceptionally watered down, oversimplified version of what personalization and AI mean to the ecommerce world. And if you’re competing with the Amazons of the world, that clever algorithm is your best friend. It isn’t good…

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Are You Ready for the Shoppers this Holiday Season?

How relevant is Black Friday in a world where great deals come by almost all year round, drones deliver purchases at your doorstep, and social media is the primary medium influencing purchase decisions? That’s a loaded question to answer when you’re on the verge of yet another holiday shopping season. A recent survey by Accenture revealed majority of consumers in the US plan to do their holiday shopping online. Cyber Monday has officially overtaken Black Friday as the most anticipated holiday sales day in the US. We bring you the…

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Is 1:1 Personalization Really Everyone’s Cup Of Tea?

Personalization is quite the buzzword in the eCommerce world. Any retailer, eCommerce executive, merchandiser or eTail technology leader will be quick to mention 1:1 personalization as one of hot topics on their mind. I have experienced this firsthand during my visits to digital retail events in 2017 — right from Big Show and eTail to IRCE. Almost every retailer wants to know more about this elusive trend that is hot on the charts and every vendor claims to be doing it like a pro. But getting down to the brass…

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Throwback Thursday: When Unbxd Went to IRCE 2015, The World’s Largest eCommerce Conference

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re a part of the online retailing community, you’re probably aware that IRCE is one of the biggest events in the industry on the planet! IRCE is special event for Unbxd, because it not only provides us with the opportunity to network with some of the retail industry stalwarts from across the globe, but also gives us a chance make a valuable contribution to their companies’ revenue through technology and industry best practices. Unbxd at IRCE 2015: Same time, last year The…

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