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Holiday Shopping 2017 Insights: What the Week Meant For eCommerce

That time of year — the one about long flights back home, Thanksgiving TV marathons, and stuffed turkey with pumpkin pie, came to a close last weekend. The online boom has added a new dimension to the holiday season as brands and shoppers wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with equal gusto. In fact, research by Deloitte revealed 91% of shoppers planned to shop online during the holiday weekend. We analysed millions of customer visits — across fashion and lifestyle, beauty, and home decor — to understand the…

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How Technology Helps Small Retailers Fight the Big Guys

Imagine the most efficient salesperson at your favorite store and how well they predict just what you would like to buy. Now imagine the same efficient salesperson, except it’s not just you she knows about — she knows about thousands like you and helps each of those yous with just as much precision. That’s an exceptionally watered down, oversimplified version of what personalization and AI mean to the ecommerce world. And if you’re competing with the Amazons of the world, that clever algorithm is your best friend. It isn’t good…

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