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Why Site Search is important for your eCommerce business?

Our experience with Search is defined by how Google and Amazon show up search results for a search query. And so are your shoppers’ experience defined by the same tenets of the search functionality.  But why should this bother you as a business?  Because you should be showing search results in 0.25 seconds to match the level of expectations set by Google. It also means having a search solution built into your system that can beat Amazon’s A9 algorithm. In short, build a search solution that can give shoppers a…

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Why AI in eCommerce is the Partner You’ve Been Looking For

AI is touted as the next big thing in almost every industry. From agriculture to transport, there’s barely any industry that is yet to explore at least an aspect of artificial intelligence and how it can enhance it in some way. In the context of eCommerce specifically, the applications of AI go from bots and virtual assistants to its most widespread application — assisted product discovery. But what is product discovery and what role does AI play in simplifying it? Simply put, product discovery is the experience of easily finding…

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Why the Future of Online Merchandising is AI Assisted

One of the best ways to find the latest fashion trends is to walk into a store at the start of a new season. Almost every brand follows a similar layout — you have your discount racks at the back, the staple essentials in their usual places, and front and centre you have the latest styles and colours of the season. The ones that make it so much harder to walk by without adding them to your cart. It’s easier to resist if you’re closer to the end of the…

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