Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?


As a Shopify store owner, you may be using Shopify’s related products solution to show product recommendations to your visitors.

Having seen a lot of clients converting over from Shopify’s related products to our Recommendations app, we’ve seen a few common complaints about how Shopify’s related products isn’t enough to maximize conversions and offer a superior, professional experience to online shoppers. In this post, I’m going to dig into how Shopify shows recommendations, why that may not be enough for your site, and how you can improve your product recommendations with Unbxd Recommendations.

How does Shopify show related products?

Shopify’s related products shows similar products from the same collection. When a visitor clicks on any product, Shopify identifies the collection ID of the product and then shows other similar products from the same collection. Though this tactic helps in showing similar products to the visitor, it leaves out other similar/complementary recommendations from other collections. This could be a huge missed opportunity to cross-sell and upsell relevant products from different collections. Shopify’s related products also shows only one type of recommendation i.e. similar products and doesn’t show high performing recommendations like ‘You may also like’, ‘Cart Recommendations’, ‘Top Sellers’ and more. This can lead to less than optimal conversions and revenue.

Is Shopify’s Related Products enough for your site?

Well, for those site owners who are committed to achieve higher conversions, that would be firm… NO! Here are three main reasons why: 1. It keeps you from showing similar/complementary products from other collections This means you are overlooking critical cross-selling opportunities that lead to an increase in sales by 20%!

For instance, Asos shows complementary products to its visitors by using the widget ‘Complete the Look’. On the product page below, it recommends a sandal, lipgloss, purse etc. to pair with a Kimono. A brilliant way to cross sell and increase the average cart size!

Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

2. It shows recommendations on only the Product Pages

You should treat your visitor’s shopping experience as a journey where you can show him personalized and relevant recommendations at every step.

For instance, when a visitor lands on your site, showing  personalized products with widgets like ‘Recommended for you’ or ‘You recently viewed’ helps improve product discovery. In one of my previous posts, I wrote about customer’s buying psychology and how you can optimize conversions by placing recommendation widgets at different site properties. Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

3. Lacks personalization

Shopify related products do not recommend products tailored to a visitors’ preferences. It simply shows products from the same collection. You can offer a more superior shopping experience to your visitors by capturing their interactions and identifying preferences such as their brand, category and price preferences. You can extract a lot of these visitor-specific information by analyzing the the product searches, product clicks, cart additions etc. For instance, for a Kimono jacket Etsy shows me similar products in a specific price range of $171- $305. It wonderfully captures my price preferences! Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

 Are Unbxd’s Product Recommendations better for your site?

Unbxd helps you increase site conversions by showing relevant product recommendations to visitors. We personalize these recommendations in real-time and provide an engaging on-site shopping experience.

Find us on the Shopify App Store!

We recently released our own personalized product recommendations app for Shopify sites.

Here are a few ways you can use Unbxd Recommendations to enhance the shopping experience for your visitors and increase sales.

1. Personalized recommendations widgets to help you cross-sell and up-sell

With Unbxd recommendations, we offer nine recommendation widgets to help you up-sell and cross-sell on relevant pages on your site.

These widgets help you provide personalized and location-based recommendations that offer a unique shopping experience to your visitors. Some of the widgets include ‘Recommended for you’, ‘More like these’, ‘People who bought this also bought’, ‘Topsellers’ etc. Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

2. Real-time Personalization

The Unbxd recommendation engine analyzes visitor’s on-site behaviour such as product searches and views, cart additions, purchases and more. Our engine then identifies visitor preferences such as category preference, brand preference, price sensitivity and more in order to show highly personalized recommendations per visitor!

3. Merchandizing controls and in-depth Reporting

Our recommendations come with a full-featured merchandizing and reporting dashboard. The merchandizing and analytics section gives you all the control you need to measure and optimize your widget performance.

You can merchandize your recommendation widgets and set rules such as setting a price range, enabling location-based recommendations etc.

You can also analyze the conversion funnel of each recommendation widget with crucial performance metrics like clickthroughs, impressions, views etc. and slice data by dimensions like brand, category, location and more.

Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site? Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

4. Quick and easy 2-step integration

Having a painless integration process is pretty important. We understand that.

Unbxd Recommendations has an easy 2-step process and you can get started in just 5 minutes!

To get started:

1. Login to your Shopify account and install the Unbxd Recommendations app

2. Complete a short setup process and start configuring the recommendation widgets.


Try our Recommendations App Today!

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Is Shopify Related Products Enough for Your Ecommerce Site?

I’d also love to know what you think about the Shopify related products and how you show recommendations to your visitors – let me know in the comments below!


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