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Online Merchandizing 101 – Create Curated Landing Pages For The Holiday Season


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time for ecommerce sites to focus on holiday profits.

According to Statista “ In 2013, retail e-commerce sales during November and December amounted to 46.55 billion US dollars during holiday season, up from 42.29 billion US dollars in 2012.”

And this year, the number is only going to rise higher. More people are planning to shop online this holiday season instead of heading to crowded stores.

So, is your ecommerce site prepared for the big holiday rush? What is the one thing you can do to make it easy for your customers to find the right gifts for their loved ones?

Create themed landing pages – Virtual stores to reflect the holiday season!

You remember that feeling of walking into Macy’s before Christmas? The lights, the music and the throngs of people busy with their christmas shopping. It felt like the holidays!

But there’s more than just the feeling. Going into Macy’s you had a ton of options but the store was expertly arranged to help customers find the right gifts and save time.

What if you could create that same experience on your ecommerce site?

Themed or curated landing pages, created especially for the holiday season can help your customers find the perfect gifts, faster. And help you increase conversions.

So what are the best ways to curate the right products for your holiday themed landing pages?

1. Pick your best performing products from last year

What were your top sellers last year? Which products received the best reviews?

By showcasing your top performing products on your holiday themed landing page you can engage visitors and prompt them to buy.

2. Look at site search data for top searches

Another genius way to find out which products to showcase on your holiday themed landing page is to scour through site search data and look for top searches both recently and during the last holiday season.

This will give you an indicative idea of what people are looking for right now and the products they tend to search for during the holidays.

Site search can be a treasure trove of data, so make sure you use it to figure out exactly what your visitors will like.

3. Research the latest gifting trends

Don’t limit yourself to just looking at past data to curate results on your holiday season landing page.

Keep yourself abreast of the latest, trending products on social media, lifestyle blogs and buying guides. Once you’re in the know about the most desirable products in your category, look through your catalogue to find similar products that you can add to your landing page.

4. Use your wishlist data to know what your customers want to buy

Not all visitors to your website will convert during their first visit. If you have the option to add to wishlist, visitors may add a few products they like so they can purchase them in the future.

The holiday season is the time when people tend go back to their wishlists or ask friends and family to gift them based on the products they’ve already added to their wishlists.

Pick products that have been added to wishlists often and focus on the ones that are actually purchased. This will give you a winning list of products to add to your holiday landing page.


Do you create landing pages for the holiday season? How do you decide the products you should show to visitors this holiday season?

I’d love to hear your success stories and what you think about this tip. Let me know in the comments below.

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