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Oct 08 2012

How site search influences revenue-per-minute-on-site

Aishwarya Raman

Product Expert

As the owner of an online retail business, you've always known that the key to success is providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. You've worked hard to streamline your website and make it as easy as possible for visitors to find and purchase products.

One day, you decide to take a closer look at your metrics to see how your business is performing. As you dig deeper, you start to notice a trend: the revenue per minute on your site seems to be lower than you expected.

You start to think about what could be causing this dip in performance. And then it hits you: the number of clicks it takes for a customer to complete a purchase on your website might be a contributing factor. The more clicks a customer has to make, the longer it takes them to buy a product, and the lower your revenue per minute will be.

Secondly, even when the site is optimized from the landing page to the payment stage, there is one critical aspect that is generally overlooked, i.e. site search. The flow from the landing page to the payment stage is mistakenly modeled as a sequential process rather than an iterative one. While a sequential process would assume that the visitor finds the product of his/her interest in one step, in reality, it requires a couple of (many) iterations. If one accepts that search iterations are a reality of the purchase process, then it becomes imperative that those search iterations be minimized or eliminated altogether. 

An awesome site search then becomes the key to reducing those iterations and increasing revenue per minute on-site. This is the first actionable insight. 

As eCommerce businesses try to balance their operational expenses with revenue, they often face the challenge of converting casual browsers into paying customers: understanding the time to purchase metric. 

The longer a visitor stays on the site, the more data center resources it takes to serve that visitor. While it's important to serve all visitors to a website, those who are actively searching for products and making purchases are ultimately the ones driving revenue for the business. Browsers do not generate revenue per minute figures, buyers do. 

This is where behavioral targeting techniques can come into play. By measuring visitor behavior and using those metrics to tailor search results and promotional offers, businesses can increase the chances of turning browsers into buyers. This can be especially effective when it comes to attracting the attention of browsers and shortening the time it takes for them to make a purchase; second actionable insight 

Whether customers are searching the site or browsing the catalog, the goal should be to catch their attention and guide them toward a purchase as quickly as possible. 

A reliable on-site search solution that can capture high-intent customers is a game-changer. By providing relevant and personalized search results, businesses can improve the customer experience and drive higher revenue per minute on their site.

Discover how Unbxd's Site Search Solutions can increase your revenue.

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