How do your visitors discover products?

How do your visitors discover products?

How do your visitors discover products?
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You know where your visitors are coming from, that’s the easy part. Once they are on your e-commerce site, do you know what they’re doing there? or how they go about finding products? That’s the hard part. Knowing how visitors discover your products is important. It determines where on your website you will run your promotions and marketing. It helps you focus on those top 2-3 stores and categories which bring in 80% or your revenue. In web analytics-speak, these are called product finding methods or product discovery methods. IOW, how do visitors find the products they are looking for? In simple sites, there are almost always no more than two ways visitors find products:
  • Searching for keywords in the search box.
  • Browsing through categories and stores using the menus.
In more complex sites and those with larger catalogs, the methods to help visitors find products are somewhat more elaborate. Apart from search and browsing, some of these are:
  • Email marketing, to directly push products into the visitors mail box. It is a great way to attract visitors back to the site to view latest products and deals.
  • Recommendations, that show visitors what products other visitors across the site are viewing and buying.
  • Related products and deals, a way to show visitors that they can also purchase a few related products. Related products generally include items that either complement another product or those that are replacements for the product a visitor is looking for.
The main issue is that you need to understand how visitors to your site are finding products of their interest. In the next post, I will show how acquiring this understanding helps your e-commerce site improve your visitor’s experience and increase sales.

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