Holiday Shopping 2017 Insights: What the Week Meant For eCommerce

Holiday Shopping 2017 Insights: What the Week Meant For eCommerce

That time of year — the one about long flights back home, Thanksgiving TV marathons, and stuffed turkey with pumpkin pie, came to a close last weekend. The online boom has added a new dimension to the holiday season as brands and shoppers wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with equal gusto. In fact, research by Deloitte revealed 91% of shoppers planned to shop online during the holiday weekend. We analysed millions of customer visits — across fashion and lifestyle, beauty, and home decor — to understand the key trends this holiday shopping season. Wondering what transpired in eCommerce this holiday season? Read on.

‘Tis the season to shop on Mobile

Mobile played a major role in coaxing customers to buy, confirming the initial predictions of the holiday season. The increase in unique visitors through mobiles and tablets indicate that more customers are opting to shop on their smartphones. This was especially true for fashion, where visits from mobile increased by 27% while desktop visits plummeted 13% in comparison to 2016. Our report on mobile product discovery, released early last month, revealed fashion and lifestyle to be the only vertical with a higher number of shoppers on mobile than on desktop. Smartphones contributed to growth in overall visitors for home decor as well, with a 30% increase in visitors when compared to the same time last year. Mobile has been called the next-big thing in eCommerce for a while and the holiday season proved no different. Whether it’s through mobile apps, push notifications and messages, or location based marketing and beacon technology, mobiles are integral in establishing your place in the customer’s mind.

Social pulls in the crowds

Social media continues to be one of the biggest successes in drawing customers to sites. As brands devote higher budgets to network-specific campaigns targeted at acquiring new customers, the role of social media in bringing visitors to the site has increased significantly. Especially for fashion, where new customers acquired through social media was 70% higher than last year.

More browsing, lesser buying

Though overall visits through mobile and desktop showed an upward trend for all the verticals, conversion rates were disappointing. This was especially true for home decor where the device seemed to have a huge impact on conversion rates. Mobile managed to get more visitors to the sites, but couldn’t convert them to customers. Conversion rates on desktop for home decor were 3X higher than on mobile. Looks like the price tag plays a major role when it comes to device preferences for online purchase. Shoppers are confident on mobile for lesser ticket items, but as the prices go higher — they prefer the desktop. The AOV (Average Order Value) was 20% higher on desktop, for home decor. As shoppers get more comfortable about moving their holiday purchases online, the road ahead for traditional retailers doesn’t look easy. With a record number of bankruptcies and store closures this year, the only way to stay relevant is to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer. Looking to upgrade your eCommerce store to catch up with the new-age customer? We can help.

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