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Holiday Season Protip – Make Gift Selection a Breeze For Your Visitors


With the holiday season approaching, online shoppers around the world will soon begin to look for gifts for their loved ones. As as online retailer, the most important question you should be asking yourself is, ‘How are you making it easy for visitors to find and select gifts this holiday season?’

With the sea of bargains surrounding them and the frustration of last minute shopping, your visitors are poised to bounce at the slightest inconvenience.

So what can you do to make gift selection easier? To answer this question, I thought about how I decide what gifts to buy for my family and friends. Like a lot of other online shoppers, I trust online reviews, recommendations from friends or suggestions by an experienced sales rep.

Translating that to the online shopping experience, its easy to see that the one thing you need on your site to make gift selection easier, is product recommendations.

Product recommendations can help your visitors find popular products and help them discover more products than they would have been able to search/browse for.

According to Yahoo Small Business, “ 62% admitted that the recommendations given to them helps them in finding what they want and intend to buy.”

The 3 Types of Product Recommendations That Will Make Gift Selection Easier For your Visitors

1. Show top selling products

Showing top-selling products on your homepage and category pages gives your visitors a chance to see your popular products and go into the product selection stage faster.

Picture this – You’re buying a power tool for your father. Instead of reading a number of online reviews and trying to narrow down on the right one, wouldn’t it be easier if you knew about the popular models and only researched on those?

2. Show recently viewed items to help resume shopping instantly

Show recently viewed products to your visitors on the homepage and category pages to help them to return to the items they’d viewed earlier.

This is an effective way to remind visitors of the products they’ve seen earlier and may lead them to convert faster.

3. Personalize your homepage with recommended for you

Your visitors will love it when you personalize your site and provide product suggestions tailored to their likes and dislikes.

According to a report by Retail Touchpoints, “73% of customers prefer personalized shopping experiences.”

Widgets like ‘Recommended for you’ are the equivalent of that sales rep who shows carefully selected items based on what we like and have bought before. It’s individualised attention one won’t get anywhere else and that’s what each of your visitors should feel.


Are you showing relevant gifts to your visitors to make it easier for them to select?

This holiday season, are you using these recommendation widgets to make gift selection easier for your visitors? What other tactics do you have up your sleeve?

I’d love to hear more – Do let me know in the comments!


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