Holiday Season Protip - Landing Pages For Key Visitor Segments

Holiday Season Protip – Landing Pages For Key Visitor Segments


Last week we spoke about creating curated landing pages for the holiday season. While creating a themed landing page is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough.

Today, I want to share a way to make sure your curated landing pages convert holiday window shoppers into customers. A simple, no frills way to strengthen the purchase intent in your visitors and help you make the most of the holiday rush.

So what is it?

Create relevant landing pages for your top visitor segments

Segmentation offers a way to target your website visitors more accurately. It’s essentially a way to personalize their experience and establish a link between your marketing campaigns and their on site experience.

One of the key factors of ecommerce landing page success is the ability to target visitor segments with the appropriate product placements and merchandizing offers. The key is to use merchandizer’s insights to promote the right products and show accurate recommendations.

So what are some of the top segments that you should create targeted landing pages for.

(FYI, Unbxd’s merchandizing dashboard lets you create landing pages in just a few clicks and drag and drop product into the best possible ordering of products.)

The Visitor Segments to create Targeted Landing Pages for:

A. New vs. Repeat Shoppers

Creating separate landing pages for new vs. repeat shoppers allows you to vary product ordering, merchandizing offers and product recommendations for each segment.

The question remains – How can merchandizers effectively target these two segments?

New Visitors

    • Product Ordering:
Sort products by popularity or ratings.Social proof is a strong psychological factor that can help new shoppers make a purchase decision. Merchandizers can also promote those brands or product types that are popular across the store to drive up clickthroughs and ultimately orders.
    • Merchandizing Offers:
Here merchandizers should display banners that reinforce trust like ‘Free Shipping’ or ‘Hassle Free Returns’ or a significant holiday discount.
    • Product Recommendations:
New shoppers should be shown recommendations for Top Sellers or Top Rated products. These make product selection easier and help shoppers avoid the paradox of choice.

Repeat Visitors

  • Merchandizing Offers: A lucrative way to use merchandizing offers is to identify popular keywords that are searched by a chunk of your repeat visitors and create merchandizing banners that offer discount coupons or free deals using those keywords.

  • Product Recommendations: Repeat visitors should be shown personalized recommendations like ‘Recommended for you’ or ‘You recently viewed’. This will help personalize their experience and increase the chances of a sale.

B. Visitors from Different Traffic Sources

Visitors who land on your site through various customer acquisition efforts tend to look for different products. It’s important that you know what products they’re looking for and where you should lead them.

I came across an interesting post on Unbounce where they used this amazing picture to show landing pages for different traffic source. Consider this configuration below. Notice how each inbound source uses it’s own landing page. Read on to learn about the benefits of segmenting to separate landing pages.

Holiday Season Protip - Landing Pages For Key Visitor Segments
Image Source: Unbounce

Here are some great ideas of segmenting landing pages based on traffic sources. 

Visitors from Email Campaigns Visitors who come from email campaigns should be shown products and offers that are consistent with the email campaigns they’ve come from.

  • Show personalized recommendations: Show recommendations similar to what visitors have seen in emails.

  • Show consistent offers: If your emails mention offers/discounts, make sure you reiterate these offers deals and establish a connection between the emails and the site experience.

Visitors from Organic Search It’s essential to understand visitor behaviour for this segment to create a targeted landing page.

  • Identify a preferred price range: Identify the price range which this segment of users tends to spend within. Merchandizers can then promote the right set of products and brands that adhere to this price range.

  • Push aggressive offers: Visitors who come from organic search involve a very low cost of acquisition, so show them targeted products and push steep discounts that will prompt them to convert and endure you stay ROI positive.

Visitors from Social Media Social media visitors  will look for additional social proof and social signals while selecting products. Keep this in mind while creating your targeted landing page.

  • Show products popular on social channels: Analyze which of your products do well on social media and highlight them on the dedicated landing page. Give visitors an idea of products by showing pictures of other shoppers wearing those products. This gives instant confidence to visitors and establishes trust.

  • Recommendations with social signals: Show recommendations of popular products/brands along with social signals like ratings, number of likes etc to boost clickthroughs.

C. Segment landing page for visitors from different Geographical Locations

Lastly, you can segment visitors coming from different locations.

    • Show location based recommendations
Merchandizers should showcase top sellers from the visitors location to increase their purchase intent
    • Show relevant shipping offers
If as a retailer you can only offer free shipping and discounted shipping in certain areas, creating targeted landing pages will allow you to offer free shipping and increase conversions.
So there you go. What other holiday season tactics do you have up your sleeve? Let me know in the comments!

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