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Get a Free Site Review for Higher Conversions at IRCE 2014


The world’s largest eCommerce event – IRCE 2014, is just a few days away and we’re gearing up to meet folks from ecommerce companies worldwide. We’ll be at booth #105 and we’re conducting a free site search and recommendations reviews for anyone that stops by!

Why You Need a Site Search Review

For an ecommerce site, site search is a crucial channel to help customers find the right products. Unbxd offers highly relevant site search built for ecommerce sites and our search experts are on hand at IRCE to help you improve your site search.

In a site search review, we’ll analyze your current site search on crucial parameters and rank your performance. We’ll also help you identify primary issues and demonstrate how the Unbxd SmartEngage Platform can drastically improve the relevancy of your search results.

Site Search Parameters:

Here are a few parameters that we will review your site on.

  • Relevancy (Contextual-awareness of the search) – 1 word/ 2 word/ 3 word queries

  • Long-tail queries

  • Spell-check

  • Auto-suggest

  • Zero-Result Queries

  • Synonyms

  • Stemming

  • Facets and Filters

  • Speed Test

Recommendations Review

Product recommendations is also one of the major conversion channels for ecommerce sites. In order to make sure recommendations are relevant to visitors, it’s important that they are personalised. In our personalization review, we’ll analyze your product recommendations and identify the steps you can take to increase conversions.

Our personalization experts will help you understand how your site can be personalized even further and how Unbxd Recommendations can help you improve recommendations relevancy and ultimately increase conversions.

Pre-Book Your Site Review

A great way to connect with us is to pre-book your site search and recommendations review.  We’d be delighted to learn about your business and discuss opportunities to enhance your site’s bottom line!

Hope to see you there!

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