What’s Happening At Shop.Org

Event Highlights: What’s Happening At Shop.Org 2017

The retail transformation story is a phrase we’ve heard for a while now. But, what’s really changing? The latest instalment of Shop.org, the e-tail event of the year, kickstarted in Los Angeles, earlier today. This year the event — that attracts the who’s who of e-commerce — focuses on AI and machine learning, women in retail tech, consumer-first marketing, and a lot more. Quoting NRF’s Senior Vice President for Retail Strategy, Cristina Ceresoli, “Our goal is that they (conference attendees) walk away inspired and informed, taking with them practical skills and knowledge that are quickly translatable in their current business practices so they can continue to grow and succeed.” Last year’s event featured over 250 exhibitors and was attended by 5000 digital professionals. Watch this space for the latest news from the event. Here’s a handy list of all the speakers at the event.  Come meet the Unbxd team at booth #640. We’ve already set up camp!?  Event Highlights: What's Happening At Shop.Org 2017 What we’re excited about this year:

Tyra Banks’ and Michael White’s Story of Change

“If a business owner can only learn how to do one thing, it is to evolve constantly.” Couldn’t have put it better, Cary. Which is why we can’t wait to hear what these two legends have to share about their respective journeys. White shares Disney’s story of change as it learns to cope in the digital space, with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Amazon + Whole Foods

A lot has been said (and written and assumed) about the retail takeover of the year, but what does the data say? 1010Data’s Tim Wilson lays the facts threadbare in a much-awaited data deep-dive.

Women Rule

Women in tech is a key topic of interest across the industry. But how are women disrupting retail? Meet the women behind Beautycounter, Skimm, and Minted as they share their stories of success and how they built their businesses from ground up. Plus, you get a chance to meet and interact with thousands of retailers, digital professionals, and retailers. Sounds like fun! If you’re planning to attend, do drop by booth #640 and say ‘ello. We’d love to meet you.  Sign up for an exclusive shopper experience study to find out what can improve the purchase experience on your site. It’s free!

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