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Ebook : The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

The biggest reason website visitors leave without completing a purchase isn’t because they weren’t interested in buying, it’s because they got distracted or frustrated at some point in the process. By simplifying the purchase process, you can take away those barriers that keep visitors from converting. Getting a double-digit revenue lift from your conversion optimization efforts requires a thorough understanding of dynamics behind a successful shopping experience and your conversion funnel. It is imperative to optimize the entire shopping experience for your visitors, right from the time they land on your site till the checkout page. We’ve put together an eBook that offers practical advice on how to persuade visitors to complete a purchase — without driving them away through long checkouts or tedious navigation. You’ll learn how to use marketing principles, design, usability, and other key website elements that will help engage visitors on your site and prompt them to convert. What’s inside: 1. Includes actionable conversion optimization tips 2. Spans across must-have tactics like Reviews, Product Images, Recommendations and more 3. Learn from examples of leading ecommerce sites + the latest statistics and protips!

Ebook : The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Conversion Optimization


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