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Don’t Let Your eCommerce Site Down

The rate of change in the eCommerce world has accelerated dramatically in the last few years , spawning new business models and turning traditional marketing and merchandising upside down. It’s always interesting to see new and innovative ways that online retailers are coming up with , to generate buzz, links, and customers interaction on their ecommerce sites in an attempt to boost rankings , visitors, conversions and sales. In recent times, eCommerce over the web has transformed the way people do business. Today someone in India can order a component from brazil and have it delivered to her within two weeks . Hundreds of eCommerce stores open up on a daily basis but most of them wither and die. Most eCommerce sites fail because they are not user friendly and are complicated for users to find products to buy. If customers cannot find the products they are looking for, they’re most likely to look elsewhere. In most aspects of internet commerce, Amazon still sets the standard. A visitor takes less than a second with her engagement with the eCommerce site to decide subconsciously whether she is going to stay or move on.
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Let’s just take a glance at how a product search on an eCommerce site should work – a huge site with millions of products, you should be able to find any product you are interested in the first few results on the first page. The second most important aspect is how much each product carries information about itself so that customers can take immediate buying decision . The content is also segmented and presented thoughfully. Around 76 % of all visitors are looking for more information on the product or service they are planning to buy. Only 44 % percent know what exactly they are going to buy. Here’s where dynamic navigation a.k.a faceting comes handy. Although most people don’t exactly know what to buy, they are more likely to make a successful buy if they have an option to ‘drill’ down product information until they reach the product they wish to buy.
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So, for a good ecommerce website to function in the market , a good search platform is absolutely essential which can increase user loyalty and off course boost sales . Unbxd is the only search platform in India which can intergrate in any ecommerce sites and search sites and provides a clutter free search engine interface. Unbxd search is platform agnostic , it is fast and accurate which acts as human which provide a user a comfortable zone to visit a website without any difficulty . It also optimises search with eCommerce sites thus helping online customers find appropriate products quicker while increasing conversions for the sites. Try Unbxd Search for free. Demo:

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