Offer 1:1 Personalization to your online shoppers

Delivering personalized shopping experience for your shoppers

With million online websites selling tonnes of products, why do you think they will be attracted to try yours?

Better UI?

Better product display?

A plethora of different products?

An amazing product follow-up?

Good return policies?

But is that enough?

People even buy from sites where one or many of these attributes are missing. Then what keeps them buying from that eCommerce store??

The reason is showcasing the right products at the right time as per the shopping affinities of the shoppers, c,  which we call Personalization in eCommerce.

As the term in itself talks much, personalization is almost like the Gettysburg Address. It should be for the people, by the people, and of the people. People = Shoppers, in this case. Shoppers in all ways have developed an affinity to the sites that recommend products based on their behavior. We all know the AI works wonders behind the screen but for a shopper who doesn’t care much about the backend is always amazed by ‘How does the site even know what I want’.

To make sure you amaze your customers every single time they log in to your site and make them keep coming back, LISTEN TO THEM.

How is AI beneficial in personalization?

Now, it wouldn’t happen in the old traditional ways to know your million customers by either talking to them one on one or texting them to know them better. So, it is necessary to let the technology do the talking.

With every industry, since AI has taken over almost everything, it is time to know your shoppers an inch more by reading their scattered data.

The data availability is extreme. The end consumers who shop online are numerous in numbers, their shopping affinities and behaviors are being studied, and a large pool of data points are obtained post-analysis. Now, if you assume for once with such an immense market presence by the customers it is hard to segregate their accounts and activities, then that is true.

Enters Machine Learning!

Machine Learning Techniques are here to make a difference in ways where the customer is the hero and users form the biggest human pyramid. Let’s see what you need to do to engage customers!

Their online footprints need a lot of hand-garnering and nit-picking to deliver exactly what they want. This evolution has promised a lot of ‘to the point’ results and tired of endless scrolling that is exactly what companies should do.

Advanced ML techniques adapt a regressive approach to creating a platform where it is all about experience and engagement. In such a case, ML excels at pattern recognition and AI concentrates more on creating recommendation engines.

We surely do this for our eCommerce friends with such regression techniques by applying the Hybrid recommendation system.

What is Hybrid Recommendation System

With a Hybrid recommendation system, you can generate and provide suggestions by combining two or more recommendation strategies.

After applying such techniques all you need is more consistency to maintain those data fragments and form actual data points. Problems like cold-start and data sparsity still exist which are solvable by providing optimized automated solutions. With Machine Learning As A Solution (MLaaS), the market is soon going to make almost $7.6 Billion by the year 2023.

But how do you truly personalize the experience for your shoppers?

Personalization Tips


Tip 1: Personalize your Email Marketing Strategy

Imagine, when you walk out of an online store after looking at the products and instantly you receive a mail with specially tailored discounts for you around those products.  It is nothing like the traditional mail marketing where organizations use the same email marketing templates to reuse and reuse until we exhaust the same pattern and gain no insights out of it. 

But, what if those same mailers were in fact catered to each and every customer as if they were talking to you? 


Tip 2: Provide user-specific Product Recommendations

No one would want to waste their time juggling through a million products when all they want is a blacktop that they had already searched the last time.

Based on the data study, if you feel the shopper has already searched for ‘Black Nike Shoes’, then when they open the site window, recommend them Nike products or black products. Because both attributes specify their affinity to color: black and brand: Nike. This not only hooks the shopper interest but also shortens the path-to-purchase.


Tip 3: Personalized Homepages

Well, the maximum traction that you can avail from the shoppers is when you provide their last searched products, suggested products from their past search history, or recommended products based on both their behavior and the site behavior, on the HOMEPAGE: the first thing they see when they land on your site.

Many of our customers have tried and tested this with the Unbxd Personalized Recommendations engine seeing a whopping 20% increase in conversions on the landing page. If you would be interested in testing the same for your eCommerce store, please write to


Tip 4: Divide the traffic

No! We are not talking about the diversion of traffic but the segregation of customers based on their shopping intensity and behavior. Segregate them if they are existing customers or the non-returning ones.

Technically, in ideal situations, you should focus 60% on the ones that keep returning by offering them special coupons for being a loyal customer or provide them other loyalty points to create a trust base.

Focus the other 40% on the ones that may or may not return. Send them personalized emails where you talk to them about their leftover products in the cart or their search history so that they believe that you do care about them. In either way, it is a win-win!


Tip 5: Track the Geolocation

A person in the US wouldn’t want to know the prices of ‘Nike Slippers’ selling in the UK . They would care more about the products that are specific to their region. Tracking the right location and targeting them with specific marketing campaigns and pricing should be a no-brainer.

With these 5 tips, you are going to level up the market for sure in your favor. Shaping the right personalization strategy, importing the right product recommendations, and integrating all the methods in place, you are making it easier for you and your shoppers to make the right choice.

Unbxd deals with providing such amazing personalization experiences by integrating to your eCommerce site and letting your shoppers take a recliner seat while they buy their choicest products from your eCommerce store! To know more, contact us:

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