Customer Spotlight: The Kewl Shop

Customer Spotlight: The Kewl Shop

At Unbxd, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative companies and help them overcome their business challenges with our personalized solutions. This edition of our Customer Spotlight series highlights, an online store that offers trendy women’s fashion apparels. Customer Spotlight: The Kewl Shop

The Kewl Shop started in 2013 and has quickly grown to become one of the top 150K websites in the world. It is founded by Charles and his business partner Sasi with an objective to provide quality women’s clothes at value for money prices.

Customer Spotlight: The Kewl ShopCharles, the founder of The Kewl Shop says, “Now we are constantly complimented for the quality of our clothes, the fast and friendly service and the dedicated support we give to our customers.”  

Key challenges faced by The Kewl Shop

The Kewl Shop strives to engage and surprise customers with their products and they wanted a similar solution for their online site. One that recommends relevant products to engage customers and personalize their shopping journey.

The Kewl Shop were using product recommendations earlier but lacked the intelligence required for showing accurate product suggestions to customers. Soon after, they chanced upon Unbxd.

Charles says, “We didn’t really have anything sophisticated before Unbxd, we recommended products but there was no science behind the recommendation, we simply played back the next few products in the collection the customer was looking at.”

How did Unbxd’s personalized recommendations help The Kewl Shop?

Recommendations personalized by user behaviour

Unbxd’s personalized recommendations tracks each visitor’s on site behaviour and show recommendations tailored to their exact preferences. It uses an intelligent algorithm to extract important information from customers’ on site behavior and recommend products accordingly.

Charles says, “We are so much happier with Unbxd, given that it plays something relevant back to customers and therefore increases the likelihood of conversions, something we did experience after we implemented Unbxd.”

Intuitive dashboard to measure performance 

The Kewl Shop uses Unbxd’s dashboard to monitor performance and add merchandising rules to match their business needs, with no IT involvement.

Charles says, “The dashboard provides exactly what we need to monitor the implementation of Unbxd and gives a clear indication of how successful it is on the web site.”

How did Unbxd Recommendations improve The Kewl Shop’s bottom line?

  1. Unbxd Recommendations helped visitors order products in fewer clicks. The implementation of Unbxd Recommendations, helped’s visitors complete orders 1.5x faster.

  1. With Unbxd, was able to offer personalization per visitor – which helped enhance customer engagement on the site. They are now able to better serve their customers, thereby, create lasting customer relationships.

Charles says, “The personalized recommendations make all the difference and fit perfectly into the ethos of what we are trying to create at The Kewl Shop.”

Customer Spotlight: The Kewl Shop

We help online stores like The Kewl Shop to deliver a greater product discovery and offer personalized shopping experience to the visitors. To know more about our Recommendations product visit our site.

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