How to Create Landing Pages for Your Ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

How to Create Landing Pages for Your eCommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks


ecommerce landing pages are a highly focused way to promote specific products, brands or trends. It helps customers find the right products faster, leading to higher conversions. From a merchandising standpoint, landing pages are a surefire method to improve the conversion funnel and enable the discovery of long tail products.

In this post, I’ve explored the benefits of having landing pages on your ecommerce site, the difficulties merchandisers face when creating landing pages and how the Unbxd SmartEngage Platform can be used to create them in just 3 three clicks.

Benefits of Landing Pages

1. Channelizes Traffic

Landing pages channelize the traffic on your site efficiently by redirecting customers to highly tailored pages based on their interests.

For instance, Amazon has a landing page for deals and discounts that’s frequently visited by large chunk of its customers. By this they are able to attract those customers that are looking specifically for deals and bargains and make it easier for them to discover the products they’ll love.

How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

2. Increases Traffic Through Keywords

A customised product landing page based on specific keywords is an effective way to increase traffic for an ecommerce site. Landing pages are considered a timeless SEO tactic that can help attract extremely targeted traffic that is more likely to convert.

A very interesting example of  a keyword specific landing page is of the edgy Australian apparel store – BlackMilk Clothing, that has created theme based landing pages for popular movie and TV series such as the Batman or the Game of Thrones franchise, that their quirky designs are based on.

These landing pages are the perfect way to market to aficionados of these shows/characters and no doubt see a higher conversion rate than the homepage or any of the standard category pages.

How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

Concerns of Merchandisers in Creating Landing Pages

1. Manual Merchandising Effort

Creating a landing page, requires complex analysis to determine top-selling products, long tail products and themes. Merchandisers then manually compile product lists and rank products based on popularity and relevance to suit customer requirements and interests.

This leads to a large and complex manual effort which can and should be automated to afford merchandisers the time to focus on optimising landing pages and improving findability.

Unbxd, for instance, offers a perfect solution for merchandisers to automate manual compilation and ranking of products and create landing pages instantly.

2. IT Involvement

IT involvement is then required to create and ship landing pages. In large & small organisations alike, bandwidth for such tasks is usually limited leading to IT becoming a bottleneck for merchandisers.

In many cases, landing pages are time bound such as landing pages for festivals, seasons and other time-bound occasions, and there is a need for merchandisers to capitalise on these occasions and churn out landing pages at an alarming rate.

Removing the IT bottleneck by using tools that helps merchandisers complete these tasks without IT support can help make sure merchandisers are taking advantage of every opportunity to capture traffic and converting it.

How To Create Landing Pages in Three Clicks

The Unbxd SmartEngage platform offers a full-feature dashboard for merchandisers allowing them to create business rules for search results and browse pages. One of the most critical benefits is the ability for merchandisers to create landing pages in just a few clicks.

Here is a quick tutorial on how merchandisers can create landing pages using the Unbxd dashboard.

Step 1: In the Unbxd’s dashboard, go to ‘Merchandising’ and under the ‘Search’ section click on edit. This opens up a section where merchandisers can create rulesets.

Landing pages can be created for any search query as you’ll see below.

Step 2: Create a query and click edit. This takes you to a live results page where you can add filters for your landing page. Here I’ve added a query for Spring Summer Dresses and added a filter to show only the colour blue.

Step 3: Once I’ve arrived at the desired results for my landing page, I can simply click on the ‘Create a Landing Page’ link at the top right corner and my landing page is instantly created! How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

For a step-by-step understanding of the Unbxd’s SmartEngage platform to create landing pages, follow these steps-

Step 1:

How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

Step 2:

How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks

Step 3:

How to Create Landing Pages for Your ecommerce Site in Just 3 Clicks


With the Unbxd dashboard, you can create landing pages instantly and effortlessly.

If you’ve any queries about the Unbxd SmartEngage Platform, do share with me in the comments below!


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